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Teenage boys that have unprotected sex

14 y/o male has unprotected sex

Posted by tighty whitey on 2005-03-13 00:52:31

I am 14 y/o male and I never wear a condom - I don't like the feel of it on my pe-nis. Different girls come over to my house after school and my mom makes us a snack. While she is getting it ready, the girl comes into my bedroom while I take off my school shoes, shirt and pants, and then I just stay in my white t-shirt and briefs and socks for the rest of the afternoon, while she and I go out to the kitchen and have a snack with my mom. Then, we watch TV in the living room for awhile, and then go into my bedroom and play music and talk. I enjoy being in just my underwear in front of girls, and I feel really comfortable with it. My mom is very understanding, and doesn't say anything if we close the bedroom door. We lay on my bed and kiss and fool around while the music is playing, and when I get hard I take my briefs down and she takes her panties off, and I put it in and keep pushing it in and out until I squirt inside her. It feels so good when it squirts that I just go crazy, breathing heavy and all. We do it at the time of month when she can't get pregnant. After we do it, I take off my t-shirt and sox too, and just stay naked for the rest of the afternoon, talking and listening to music. I love having the girls see my all bare, and showing off my bare bottom and my wee-wee and my sack and my pubes. I really turns me on.
Sometimes my mom comes into the room and she sees me bare too, but I don't mind. Sometimes I am in my room alone in the evening and my mom walks in while I am jacking on my bed, but it doesn't bother me - I like having my mom see me doing it.

Posted by NiacountyNY on 2005-03-19 03:55:46

such a child!

Posted by 12.34.56 on 2005-05-13 13:07:08

Just your typical 14-year-old boy. Right.

Posted by speedo_stud1 on 2005-11-20 04:46:33

yes, you have to assume that anyone who likes having their mom see them jack off is a little weird in the head.

Posted by quickdry on 2008-02-06 13:39:49

Well almost reaching the three year point. How many boys? How many girls? How many abortions? Any law suits?