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Flat chests

Any size breast can be sexy

Posted by what to do on 2005-03-08 02:10:58

I think that many small breasted women feel inadequate and incapible of being sexy without having larger breasts. They'll wear padded push up bras, buy herbal suppliments and even undergo surgery to feel sexier. The truth is every woman can catch a mans eye with what she has. True maybe the deep plunge blouse or bikini does nothing for them, however even with no breasts at all men will notice nipples behind a tight shear top. Remember, you can always stuff your top, but a women with 40 E's will never be able to show off perky nipples!

Posted by MPC2466774314 on 2005-03-08 03:22:41

Oh, my gosh, you are so messed up. What do you care about girls boobs? Are you a perv?

Posted by 8in islander on 2005-03-16 12:54:34

Flat chests on a girl are so unattractive. One day at the beach this one girl I knew lost her bikini top in the surf. She was flat as a surf board. Everyone was laughing and pointing at her.

Posted by davids fantasy on 2005-04-04 08:23:50

u r tripping my lil sis is flat and i dont think shes sexy till one day she took it of and gave me a big smile and wow i was like damm girl nives cute small breast and ever since then i was attracted to her a-cup boobs ,so shut up about girls with small boobs ok,small boobs are a real turn on cuz they are perky and cute,,

Posted by Stefania on 2005-04-06 23:35:13

fairly flat and like it

I am 14 and am fairly flat, but have pert nipples. I do not have to worry about being confined in bras, usually a t-shirt will suffice. If I wear a bra it is usually a sports bra. For swimwear, I wear the skimpest bikini I can get away with my parents.