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Girls Strength, pound for pound!

Stronger girls!

Posted by Irish on 2005-08-28 21:41:06

i think some girls are stronger. i didn't believe this until 2 weeks ago. i'm 21 years old and dis 21 year old friend of my girlfriend said she thought she cud beat me in a wrestlin match. i laughed. she looked about d same size as me. she begged me so i said yes. wat i didn't realise was that she was really muscled. 5'8" and 161 pounds. no fat on her! i decided to weigh myself and found i was only 135. this worried me a bit. anyway d next day i went down to the gym and wrestled her. her arms and legs wer too strong for me. we had 3 matches and she won all of them. she also beat me every time at arm wrestling. i couldn't believe it.

Posted by will_kick ur_ass on 2005-08-31 18:56:32

ha u stupid bich u should have thought about that

Posted by pikachu2000 on 2005-12-18 21:27:16

Strong girl.

I am 14 years old 5'7" and i can lift guys over my head . pretty cool huuh

Posted by mettalican5000 on 2005-12-23 05:47:09

hey pikachoo2000, wut is ur aim or aol screen name? (im a 15 yr old guy who has the carry fetish)

Posted by nilldawg on 2005-12-26 23:20:24


Believe it! Some girls are very strong, my friend's girlfriend can bench press 90 pounds and she only weighs 115, that is amazing for a girl...she looks skinny but mess with her and she can kick your $%!@...she is ripped