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Your worst wedgie

worst wedgie ever

Posted by in pain and emarassed on 2005-02-17 00:08:54

a week ago i had a sleep over my "friend" were over (they were prentending to be my friends). Well they thought it would be fun to torment me (While my parents were outfor the week). they look for me briefs ok when they find them they hold me down and force me to wear 9 of them. Then they tak me into the kitchen and make me drink fvie cups of water and poor water on my briefs till they are see through. they tie me hands behind my back stuff a dirty brief in me mouth and duct tape it shut then grabin the front and back of me brief and hang me there on two hooks in my basment. then they invite girls i like fromm school and they all laugh and start spanking me $%!@ then they leve me there untill the next day it was so painful and the worst wedgie ever

Posted by illini2442 on 2007-07-05 01:31:40

So earlier this week I had 2 friends stay over and i decided to wear briefs while they were over(I just was working out and I only work out in my briefs) So I just got done drinking a water and said I had to go to the bathroom. then they started to jump on me. They strip me down to just my white hanes briefs and they go and get 1 gray FTL brief and 1 red hanes brief. they take me to the attic and hang me on a hook for 2 hours until they all rip and I fall. I wet myself in the process.

Posted by tightywhities on 2007-10-11 01:28:39

The worst wedgie

My older bro Jacob he's 18, locked the door so my parents couldn't go in. then he gave me an atomic wedgie then he gave me a hanging melven and my boxers were still on my head. then he would kick me in the balls every time I said something. then he took all of my clothes and threw them outside he left me thre for 5 hours. my parents never found out. He gives me bad wedgies everyday

Posted by Dimentio on 2008-05-09 21:56:47

(Okay, will first of all, my parents have a job, where they go out all of the time, and are like NEVER around. So my 5 older brothers get to be in charge of me ALL the time! They all hate me for wearing tighty whities =( It really sucks! So they give me the worst wedgie experiences ever when my parents on gone, click on my account name if you ever want to see other wedgie stories i have posted on here, or if you want to know some other stories, just ask me. I do this to get my anger out, and it works!)

Well, it was a week after my 11th birthday (Im now 13, almost 14) And my parents had gone out to Mexico i think, for a buisness trip, so my older brothers were in charge. They come barging in my room saying "Hey baby bro, guess what time it is?" And since i know what is about to happen, i try to get up and run away, but they all tackle me to the ground and strip me to my underwear. Then they get about 10 pairs of my underwear, and force me to put them on. Then they take me to the basement, and give me a hanging wedgie. They laugh and say "Let's see how long it takes until he wets himself!" So they all agreed that they will kick me in the balls 50 times each or until i wet myself. If i managed to not wet myself, they said they won't do anything else to me. I didn't get to far, only until my 2nd brother came up to kick me... They then give me a bouncing wedgie, while one of them goes to get some eggs. Then they crack them and have them go down my underwear. But the last one they cracked over my head. They then take me down, and have me get in the car, and then they drive me to a store. They buy me some diapers, and then they have me pull ALL of my briefs down so im naked in the store! Then they flip me and put the diaper on me. And then just to make things worse, they pull the back of the diaper down and start spanking my azz!!! They each did it 30 times, and then they took me into the car. When we got home, they tried to give me an atomic wedgie in the diaper, but it just turned out to be a very painful wedgie, luckily it ripped. So they flipped me on my stomach and said "For ripping your diaper, you get some more spankings!" And they each spanked me with a freakin wooden spoon, 30 times each... Then they had me put on about 5 pairs of briefs, and they gave me an atomic wedgie, they got all of them over my head! (maybe 2 or 3 ripped) Then they put a leash on me (We had a dog) and they told me to go and walk up and down the neighborhood. They had all their neighbor friends (and mine) come and watch me. I was so scared that something might happen. Then, for no reason they start to spit on me! It was so disgusting!! When i had gotten home i started to cry. My brothers just said "Suck it up! We're doing you a favor of making you stronger... and learning not to wear that fu*ed up tighty whities!!!" They had our dog (bull dog) come, and they told me to lie down (It was really hard to since i still had an atomic wedgie) they let the dog come on top of me, and they told me to wait until she drools, or else things would be worse then they planned! It took about a minute for them to be satisfied with how much she drooled on me... Then they told me to come outside, but first they put on the rest of my briefs. They then gave me an hanging wedgie from our tree!! They told me that is where i would sleep for the night, unless it rained. Then they went in, got me some food and a cup of water, and they go inside. Well, the next morning they woke me up with buckets of cold water. They told me this would be the last day, if i cooperated.... So they give me a bouncing wedgie, and they said when my underwear ripped they would do the rest, IF it ripped... It took an hour, and they were getting impatient, so they just pulled my legs to the ground and held it there. A few pairs of underwear ripped, but it still hurt like $%!@, and i was still hanging. They laughed, seeing i was starting to cry. So they go in, get some bags and put rocks in them. Then they tie them to my legs! (10 bags of rocks) The wedgie got a lot worse. But then they pushed me up, and i thought they were done with the wedgie, but instead they put rocks in my underwear, and then they let me down.... IT HURT SOOO BAD!!!! They laugh, and then they start giving me a bouncing wedgie!! After a bit, they decided to let me down, but they still keep the rocks in my underwear, and the bags tied to my feet. Once im down, they try to give me and atomic wedgie, with all the pairs of underwear that they can get over my head. They tell me to go run around the house, and they showed me a pile of mud, and tell me when i finish, to jump into the mud pile, and if any of the underwear on my head comes off, they will "torture" me for an extra day. So i was careful enough not to have a pair come off, but when i was on my 2nd to last lap, a pair had came off my head. I was so scared, that i even tried to get it back on. But my brother saw, and he said "Hey guys! Look what happened to wedgie boy!" So they all come, and tackle me. They picked me up and threw me into the mud, saying "Call your self a {gay azz tighty whitie boy who wants another day of wedgie torture} ten times while rolling around in the mud!" I cried while saying it, and had to roll around in the mud =( They just laughed and said "Okay, another day of wedgie torture it is!" Before they did any thing else, they got me some food and water, and told me to hurry, or else. I asked them if i could have a towel to get the mud off my hands and they said "No, if you really care if there is mud on your food, then eat crap!" Well, i tried to wipe the mud off, but one of my brothers just came up and kicked me in the balls yelling "Hurry up dammit!!!!" So i hurried, and it tasted bad, but it was better then nothing i guess. After i was done, my brothers took me to the hose, and washed me off, take the rocks off me, and then they all grabbed me and took me into our parents room. They said we were going to go swimming, but first I was gonna get a makeover.... They put lipstick, nail polish and other stuff on me, like mascara... Then they put me in 6 different pairs of my underwear, and they drive me to the pool. They take me in the locker room, open one of the lockers, and hook my briefs to a hook. They each kick me in the balls 10 times, so that i would wet myself... Then they put a lock on the locker, take out some handcuffs and lock my arms behind myself and put a note on me saying "Do whatever you like to me!" They say they are going to go swimming and they say "Call for help, and you will have wedgie torture until mom and dad come back!" So i had to hang there, but there was a clock so i could see what time it was. A WHOLE bunch of people passed (It was about 2:00PM, the popular time for people to go swimming) they either laughed, pulled on my legs, spanked me, and slapped me. (I had wet myself even more because of all the stuff that happened....) One dad came by, and laughed saying "Your life must suck whoever did this to you!" and he just went away. I was so embarassed... a group of guys came by, about the age of 16... They all stared at me and laughed. One kid dared his friend to suck my $%!@... He ACTUALLY did!!!!! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!! I was cursing out my brothers for making me go through this. They then started to kick me in the balls saying "Kids should never wear tighty whities! Unless they aren't gay!" So then i got the feeling that they were gay. While one of them were kicking me in the balls, the rest said that they should do something else to me. All of a sudden, THEY START TO PEE ON ME!!! I cursed them out, and they just laughed. One of them went to the lost and found, got some lost shorts, and took a $%!@ in it. Then he put in on my head! IT WAS SO GROSS!!! I started to hate my life. (I live in Chicago, where there are a lot of gays, so i should have seen this coming i guess....) They pulled on my legs and kicked me in the balls a few more times, then they left. About half an hour later, my brothers came, and it was about 4:53PM. They just burst out laughing, and i told them a bunch a fking gays came and did this stuff to me. They said i deserved it for wearing tighty whities though! I got so mad, and started to cry yelling at them, telling them to let me down. They just laughed and started to flick my balls, until they hung out on the side. They said since i cursed, they were gonna go hang out in the hot tub until 5:30. They said if i cursed them out again, then they would do the same thing tomorrow, except worse. I was still crying out of anger, because that was probably the worst thing that has happened to me... so far =| Well, kids and adults came by, and some even took pictures. a few guys came through, and they just start laughing, they leave for 5 mins, and come back in with a few girls (Im guessing their friends or girl friends) They all are laughing at me, and a girl came up and slapped my $%!@. Then all the other girls and guys come up asking "Are you gay?" "Why do you have makeup on?" And "Your friends or family must hate you" They keep on slapping my balls. Then they agree to go swimming, so they leave. My brothers came in around 6:00, and they said "Sorry we're late, we just wanted to make sure you got enough torture from kids" They open the locker and unhook my wedgie. Then they give me an atomic, but while they are getting the other pairs on, i kicked one of them in the balls, (I would've punched, but i was handcuffed) He starts yelling and cursing in pain. I try to run, but 2 of my brothers start running after me, and they literally tackled me. Then he gives me a dragging wedgie against the floor, taking me to the brother i kicked. He was really $%!@ed, and he said "YOU ARE GONNA FU*ING DIE WHEN WE GET HOME!!!!!!!!!!!" He gives me a dragging wedgie, until we get outside. He then grabs me by my briefs and starts to CARRY me to the car. He hooks my underwear to the head rest of the seat, and he tells me to sit still, or else. When we get home, they carry me by my underwear inside the house. The brother i kicked takes me to his room, and he told me to stay in there, if i moved i would be dead meat. So i waited, wishing i never kicked him... He comes back with some rocks, and he pours them down my underwear. He then puts me in a hanging wedgie in his bathroom, which he had just taken a dump in before he put me in the hanging wedgie. Then, he gags me with the muddy pair of briefs i had worn earlier that day, and duct tapes my mouth.(He did this so i would have to smell his $%!@, he didn't even flush, so the smell would stay) He tells me to say "Im sorry i kicked the coolest brother in the world, especially since i am weak, worthless, and a tighty whitie wearing dumb $%!@, who should switch to boxers, because only the coolest kids wear them." Well, since i was obviously gagged, i couldn't say it, although i tried. And he just yelled at me saying "You little retard!!!! For each second you don't say it, I'll kick you in the balls!!!!!" So he kicked me in the balls for SUCH a long time.. It felt like forever... It was like, 9:00 when he was done. And my balls were in such pain, i thought i was gonna die. He says "How do you like it you little retard? If you never wore tightywhites, this never would have happened, now would it? Your punishment isn't over though!!" He unhooks my wedgie, and he gives me a hanging MELVIN which hurt sooo much since my balls were kicked and punched about 1000 times... He goes into his room, and gets his belt and starts spanking my azz with the iron part of it for an hour. My azz was SOOO red since he did this for a hour!!!! He takes me down, takes my muddy briefs out of my mouth and tells me to pee in the toilet (it still has his dump in it) After im done, he tells me to $%!@ in it. So i do, kinda nervous of the obvious swirlie coming up, and because he watched me do it... (He isn't gay) He then tells me to lean over the toilet. So i did, and he pushes my head in, flushing it over and over again. He said he was gonna do this for a half hour... It smelled soooo bad!!!! He then takes me downstairs, while giving me a regular wedgie. My brothers are all down there watching a movie. They ask how was my punishment and i was just about to flick them off, when i thought something worse might happen. My brother says he is about to finish my punishment, when he lifts me by my underwear, and takes me down stairs. He throws me on the ground, telling me to take off my briefs until i have only one pair on. I did it very slowly to waste time, so he got $%!@ed off and tackled me, and he punched me in the gut.... He then stripped me to only 1 pair of briefs... He then grabbed my waistband and gave me a dragging wedgie. We were also on a rug, so i got rug burn!! It was about 10:57 when he finished dragging me, so he said it was time for the final part of my punishment. He got a hammer and a few nails. He took me outside at the front of the house, he tells me to sit down. He pulls my underwear as high as it could go without ripping, and he hammers in the waistband. He tells me that i am going to sleep there for the night. I asked him if i could have some water first, and he said ONLY if i say "Im a retard who should switch to boxers, because they are much cooler then tighty whities, and anyone that wears tighty whities, are retarded and deserve to have wedgie torture." So i say, with an attitude though. He says "Okay tighty whitie boy, i'll go get you your water" He goes to the hose, and turns it on all the way.... I open my mouth, since i was thirsty... But i was still pretty $%!@ed off at him. He laughs, and says "Oh yeah, and just one more thing..." He comes up to me, and KICKS me in the balls, he starts laughing and says "See ya in the morning for ANOTHER day of wedgie torture!" And he goes in the house. Well, you can just about imagine how $%!@ed off i am at my brothers... This may sound REALLY fake, and i might think it was fake if i wasn't the one who lived this... But i can assure you this is all true =(

The next morning, my brothers wake me up by throwing mud at me. They said it was about 1:40PM. 3 of my brothers were out, they were on dates or out with their friends. The one i kicked in the balls, was the one that didn't have a date that day.... He pulls the nail of the wall with the hammer, and he gives me a regular wedgie, but he pulls it up pretty far. He tells me not to fall, and if i do im going to sleep in a messy hanging wedgie. I didn't know what he meant by not to fall, until my other brother comes and pulls my legs from under me. My brothers just laugh, and give me a atomic wedgie, with the ripping though. They tell me to take my tighty whities off. I say that i would be naked though, and they say "Yeah? And? You got a problem with that? Well if you don't feel like doing it... I guess we could add on another day to your wedgie torcher....." Well, i REALLY wasn't up to another day, so i took it off. They just laughed and said "Well, i guess you would rather wear no underwear then wear tighty whities" Then they picked me up and threw me into the closest mud pile they could find (Which luckily for me was in the backyard) Then, they told me to roll around in the mud while one of them goes in to get a leash. When he came out, he put the leash on me, and tied it to a tree near the mud pile. He told me to keep rolling around in it, until they find out what to do with me today. So, i rolled around in the mud crying. I hated them. I was so afraid of someone coming and seeing me.... Well, they came out, and said that they were gonna go to the store to get some things. I asked for some food and water first. They just smiled and said "You can wait for the food, but the water we will gladly get you the water" I thought they were gonna get the hose, but instead they come back with buckets of ice water and they pour it on me. I got some water, but they made me beg for me. They just laughed at me, and told me to say that they are the "best, nicest, coolest, and most awesome brothers in the world, because they give a dork like me wedgies all the time, and since i wear tighty whities all the time, everybody should give me wedgies" (They make me say things like that all the time) They laugh at me, and they ACTUALLY give me a cup of water. They tell me to roll around in the mud, and if im not completely covered in mud by the time they get back, they will add another day of wedgie torcher......... So i have to roll around in the mud again... which really sucked... PLUS i was naked, but i thought if i was in mud, someone might not notice. Luckily, noone came by when my brothers came back. When i saw them, they had a bunch of glue and feathers. I was thinking in my head "You have got to be kidding..." They told me to crawl towards them... So i did, and they poured ALL of the glue over me, i had to be careful not to get any in my eyes... And after they think they got it spread everywhere, they pour the feathers on me..... They start laughing at me, and they tell me to get in the car so that they can take me to the park. I start begging, and asking them not to take me there. They laugh at me, and again, they tell me to get in the car. I still refuse to go. Then they start getting angry. They grab me, and bring me into the car. Then they drove me to the park, saying "If you do anything, and anything at all that we don't want you to do, we are adding another day of wedgies." They are walking me through the park, when I'm still naked, but i try to angle the feathers to cover my $%!@, so no one will see. I start getting so nervous when they are taking me through the crowd, and a lot of the teens and kids there start laughing, even some adults! My brothers trip me, and start spanking my azz. Then they flip me and punch me in the balls. Some kids even joined along with my brothers.... I hated them sooooo MUCH!!!!!!! Soon, they grabbed me and took me back into the car. And we drove home. They said they might have taken it a little to far by doing that, but they said they weren't sorry. They said if i never wore tighty whities, this never would have happened. I just can't stand them, they ALWAYS use that excuse.... Anyway, when we got home, they told me to go put on 5 pairs of briefs, so i thought it was time for a hanging wedgie.... But instead, when i came out, they tackled me, and put a pair of handcuffs on one arm, dragged me to the T.V. room, and they put the other handcuff on the leg of a table. They say I'm gonna be their slave for the rest of the night, and do whatever they ask. (Even though i do that already) They sat down near where i was, and they told me to take off their socks and give them a foot massage. I said "What if i don't?" And they said "Then you get to spend the rest of the week doing this." So, since i had no choice, i rubbed their feet, which was really gross... When they said i was done rubbing their feet, they sit on me, and start farting on my face. Then, one of them pull down their pants, put their butt to my face and tell me to sniff it. They had me do that for about 10 minutes.... Then let got off, ad gave me a wedgie as a "reward". They go get some rope, and they tie it around my chest, and they tell me to go get me some sodas. They put the handcuffs on my arms in the front though... To make it harder for me to fight back, just in case i do... Well, im walking by the phone... and I'm so tempted to pick it up and call our parents to tell them what they have been doing (I have tried this in the past, but i always get either caught, or beat up by my brothers...) Well, this time i decided to try again. I picked up the phone, and i start dialing the number, when my brother yells "What was that!?" While im trying as quietly as i can to dial, i tell them nothing. But then i hear them get up and start running towards the kitchen. Im thinking either run, or hang up the phone, but I hung up the phone too late cause they saw me. They start chasing me, I try to run, but i had forgotten about the rope, so they start pulling until they catch up to me. They push me to the ground and they gave me a melvin, and kicked me in the balls asking "WHO DID YOU CALL!?" And "DID MOM OR DAD PICK UP?!!?!?" and "WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!??!?!" They keep on kicking me in the balls and i start crying and wet my underwear. They stop kicking me in the balls, telling me to start talking.. Since i didn't start talking, i was too much in pain to start... So they give me a hanging melvin by holding me by my waistband and the start asking me again... So i tell them i tried to call mom and dad, but then i stopped when i thought of what they might do. And they just smack in the balls saying "Bull$%!@!! You tell us what you said to them RIGHT NOW!!!!" I start crying saying "Nothing! I swear to god!" And they kick me in the balls 150 times each for my punishment.... "You are really retarded, you know that? NEVER call mom or dad, EVER!!!!! If you do that again, we swear we will make it worse then the last time!!!!!!!!!!!!" So they make me their slave again, and they gave me an atomic melvin, with all 5 pairs of briefs over my head. Then they kick me in the balls, and tell me to give me a foot massage, for an hour. And whenever i would stop, they would tackle me, and kick me in the balls 10 times each! If a pair of briefs came off my head, the would kick me in the balls 5 times, and put it over my head again. When i was done, they took me too the bathroom, they both peed in it, and gave me a swirlie.... =( Then they took me to the living room, and they sat on me, farting right in my face again........ They gagged my mouth with another pair of my muddy briefs.... If i tried to spit it out, they would keep sitting on me until they needed to fart, or that's what they threatened... So i just had to sit there and smell it..... It was awful!!!! Then, 1 of my brothers came home, (11:07PM) And he said "Hey! Look who's still up? I haven't given you a wedgie all day.... Well, better late then never!" And he comes up to me while my brothers are sitting there on top of me and he gives me a melvin..... He says he needs to fart, and tells my brother to make some room, so he gets on top of me and farts right in my nose..... He asked my brother they put their butt to my face yet, and they say yes, so he decides to do it too. He tickles me, making me breathe through my nose, since my mouth was gagged.. and he has his azz right in my face!!!!!!! He laughs and he spits right on my face, and let's my brothers join in with him. I cannot believe how gross they are. They said they want to take some pics... which they do all the time during "Wedgie Torture" so 2 of them give me an all sided hanging wedgie, while my other brother takes a bunch of pics. They decided they should do a few more things before the send me off to a wedgie sleep.... They give me a cup of water, but they put a sleeping pill in it with out me knowing, so i had fallen asleep. I don't know what they did while i was asleep, but when i had woken up, my azz was in soooo much pain!!!! I was wearing a dress, and a bra... But my briefs were still on.... and there was a HUGE crowd staring at me, some of them were even some of my friends. After about 30 mins, my brothers come and take me down, they say they are down with all the serious stuff, and for the rest of the week, it was just regular, hanging, and atomic wedgies.... Yah, my life sucks =( I still had the feathers on me from earlier.... which was gay.... They had me massage ALL of their feet (all 5 brothers) and if they needed to fart, they would tell me to lie down, and they would fart on me, (I was gagged with my underwear) and then they would tickle me, making me breathe through my nose. Whenever i would stop doing what they wanted me to, or i unpicked a wedgie (They gave me atomic wedgies or regular wedgies) Then they would grab me, take me to a toilet, they would all take a dump in it or pee, then they would give me numerous swirlies, and they would make my wedgie worse. One time, it got to the point where They had put both sides of my underwear (Left and right sides) over my head... They helped me get the feathers and glue off 2 days before my parents were supposed to come home, but they still made me their slave. They let me sleep in my bed, but they tied my underwear to the post of the bed, and told me not to untie it.... That wasn't my worse experience with them, and they do things like this ALL the time to me when my parents are away..... On the day before my parents were to come home, they gave me an atomic melvin. Then they tied me up and had me say "I am a dumbazz for wearing tighty whities, and my cooler, smarter, stronger brothers, who should do whatever they want to me, arethe best brothers in the world because they wear boxers, the coolest underwear in the world. And Since i wear tighty whities, i should be given a wedgie from them everyday. I am gay, and i wish i could have sex with my brothers, because i am a retard". They made me say that 100 times, and if i stopped, or forgot some words, they kicked or punched me in the balls. (They have me say that, or something similar to that all the time before my parents came home) So my parents got home, and i acted like nothing had happened (The last time i told on my brothers, they gave me worse treatment then they do usually) Im surprised my balls aren't destroyed..... They give me regular wedgies when my parents are home, and sometimes even hanging. The day after my parents come home, they took me shopping for briefs so that my parents wouldn't notice the sudden loss of all of them.... (They always do that to be safe) I hate my brothers SOOOOO much.......

If you want to know some other stories, ask me, and i might tell you one.... Or you can click on my name to see other stories i have posted

Posted by leahyrain on 2008-05-10 22:03:10

okay so i was at my girlfriends house watchin romantic actiony movies and i drank lots of coca cola and i said i had to go to the bathroom and she went wait!!! kiss me 1st and i said "okay???" but she was huggin and kissn at the same time and she was walkn forward when she was huggn and kissn me and right before we hit the wall she ripped my long breifs like boxer-briefs up and hung me on a hook and said "I need to go 1st" she ttok a $%!@ so it took a while for her to let me down. I had to rlly $%!@ so when i was hangin i accidententally $%!@ed my pants and she videoed it with her fone and sent it to her friends it kill and i blushed so much my cheeks were red hot and she kissed kept me hanging and came and kissed me somtimes when i was hanging for a hole movie and i was watchn well hanging to and later i wedgied her when i got down and hung her for 10 min and she blushed and we kissed after i let her down and i apologized and it was a nice night im 13 so no we didnt do it well yea