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Which is the strongest dog

strongest dog

Posted by cobra3000 on 2006-04-02 04:24:21

To answer the first posters question about buying a fight dog. first thing is if you have to ask that question, you better do research before buying any animal. Chances are the one you get wont be this crazy fighter that you desire. With that said, it has been proven that The Japanese Tosa is the toughest dog fighter. Keep in mind it's 200 lbs, and extremely strong. The biggest pit would not have much of a chance, it's just to small to physically reach the Tosa during a fight, and would not be able to bring it down. A tie for second would be between the Bull terrier (spuds mackensie) and the pit bull. Nobody ever mentions the bull terrier. It was the original pit gladiator. The pitbull is a poor mans bull terrier. The pit was bred from a bull terrier. They bite and don't let go like a pit and there lower to the ground and every bit as strong. Now as far as strength goes, (by the way, I train dogs for a living) it's a tie between the American bulldog and the Douge de bourdeax.They have manstopping strength. I'm 6'2 240 and I have thrown large pits and shephards several feet during bite training. You will not throw one of these dogs. There strength is unimaginable. They have the power to bring me down where as I can't get up. There is a big difference between Dog fighter and Manstopper. The two usually don't mix. Now with that said. Unless your an experienced handler and trainer and you happen to get a real aggressive dog, you will probably be dissapointed. I have seen people go out and buy pits, take them to the park and expect them to be the king. It doesn't work that way. The dog's have a social system. They determain an alfa leader and then respect that leader. I have seen an average sixed boxer mangle a 145lb rottweiler, a yellow lab attack a Cane corso that was bothering it sending the corso running, and yes pitbulls geting roughed up by average mutts because they simply didn't want to fight, contrary to popular belief, most pits are very sweet dogs. Now with all that said I do not endorse buying an animal for fighting. It's very ignorant, and most times just for status. Usually to make a weak person feel strong. The dogs almost always end up at the pound because their not what you expect. Please purchase a dog for the right reasons.

Posted by bonesboy08 on 2006-04-03 17:35:16

an american rotweiler would kick any dog's $%!@

Posted by xoxwhitney14ox on 2006-05-07 09:05:49

rottweilers nd dobermens

i would have to say eather a rottweiler or dobermen i dont think pit bulls are strong at all because our dobermen got in a fight with one nd he messed him up..nd my cousin has a rottweiler nd hes very protective nd strong

Posted by dawgs on 2006-08-17 23:05:21

Why are we even talking about this?! Dog fighting is wrong! You're immature, cruel, a jackass, a dumbass and should be put behind bars or sentenced to death by any way possible!

Posted by buaktigin on 2007-08-23 18:47:45

Ok I believe no dog should be faught, its crule and inhumane. And the idiots that do it should be hung. But if you must know the pittbull and tosu inu are generally accepted to be he best fighting dogs, that is wat they wer bread to do that is what they do. Tosu inus were bread in japan when the europeans brought there dogs to fight akitas. Akita's consistently lost. So in response the Japanesse started breading there own fighting dogs, hence the brith of tosa inus. However in defense of the Kangal dog, it should probably be ranked first class, if you dont belive me watch this on youtube. "Pitbull owners stop killing your dogs.Die Another DAY!" the kangal dog beats all dogs, including 5-6 american game pitbulls. Dont take my word for it. please be aware this is not for the faint of heart, and once again i believe these guys should get a foot in there butt for doing it, but i guesse couriousity got the best outta me and I watched it anyway.