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Which is the strongest dog

Strongest Fight Dog

Posted by desertratgirl on 2006-04-01 22:16:53

why would you want a fight dog?! are you ignorant? training a dog to fight is one sure way to make far too much trouble for the entire breed. why don't you think about this and go into something better. Maybe horse racing? auto racing?

Posted by buaktigin on 2007-08-23 18:45:08

Ok I believe no dog should be faught, its crule and inhumane. And the idiots that do it should be hung. But if you must know the pittbull and tosu inu are generally accepted to be he best fighting dogs, that is wat they wer bread to do that is what they do. Tosu inus were bread in japan when the europeans brought there dogs to fight akitas. Akita's consistently lost. So in response the Japanesse started breading there own fighting dogs, hence the brith of tosa inus. However in defense of the Kangal dog, it should probably be ranked first class, if you dont belive me watch this on youtube. "Pitbull owners stop killing your dogs.Die Another DAY!" the kangal dog beats all dogs, including 5-6 american game pitbulls. Dont take my word for it. please be aware this is not for the faint of heart, and once again i believe these guys should get a foot in there butt for doing it, but i guesse couriousity got the best outta me and I watched it anyway.