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For girls forced to wear shapewears

wearing shapewear

Posted by MPC1788921360 on 2005-03-21 23:46:46

I had to wear shapewear one time and it had a thong bottom

Posted by Slb on 2005-04-01 19:50:22

why did you have to wear it?

Posted by irishwonderbra on 2005-09-24 20:57:43

I am 17 and I am forced to wear longline support bras36CC full support high waist panty girdle, full support long leg panty girdle and corselets. Also Mom reqires me to do gym in my longline bra and high waist panty girdle the other girls wear leotards she teaches at the all girls school I go to when we have swiming classes I must wear a corselet. Mom has also made the girdles and corselets into diaper pants as a punishment she told me if I act like a little girl I will be treated as such. I wear a jumper plaid green grey girls must wear white underwear to school which she has hemmed 12 inches above the knee which means if I just bend a little the girls in school get a full view of my undies which is embarassing as they snikker and giggle and my jumber does not cover my bum when I sit down. The girdles and corselets have suspenders and I wear stockings so my sisters can change me when I do a poo poo which she makes sure by giving me laxatives and making sure I have a big breakfast and lunch. The girdles having a frilly ruffled lacy covering which she also puts on me and inside I wear a thick vinyl pants connected to girdle. I usually Poo Poo at least once a day and usually begin by farting I also get beet red become embarrased and humiliated when my sister changes me in the bathroom. If I go during gym Linda the daughter of a teacher friend who is 15 changes I am a freshmen as is she and we have a number of classes together I will be wearing these for at least 18 months for been caught wearing no bra and panties it was a dare I lost. As Mom will never spank me these is her punishment I hate it and would rather be spanked for a month or two no way she says. Mom also dresses me opposite my five sisters each morning bathes me and makes me wear specially made rompers with diaper pants to bed my youngest sister is 13 Mom is a single Mom Dad walked out with younger women. Also I must wear party dresses which are flared out by petti coats and are hemmed just below my bum I wear a girdle with a matching cover to the dress when I go out. And mom brings me to the diaper changing room to change just today I was been changed while two other women were waiting to change their babies the teers where streaming down my cheeks as I made a very runny smelly poo poo which stank up the room my 15 year old sister was helping clean me up


Posted by chloe69 on 2006-01-04 01:32:35

I have to wear shapewear to be more appealing to boys.IO like to dress as boy and only hang out with other girl.Mom makes me wear tight bodysuit with padded cups and fanny lift under tight dress with pantyhose heels and makeup. She says I must date boys and kiss them.I have to give them special kiss down pants.It really bad as I am a boy too!

Posted by Punkprince on 2006-09-03 18:05:14

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