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A Gift From God


Posted by Shoshannah on 2005-04-20 14:17:24

This poll is very biased. You need to add more responses! Yes, babies are still born, but the reasons are not because G~d is twisted or because he doesn't exist. G~d has a reason for everything. Maybe that stillborn baby would grow up to be the next Hitler or Saddam Hussein! You never know! And I believe that babies who die from say, crib death, have already fulfilled their purpose in life. Children who die through abuse and other such things are generally the fault of humans, not G~d. We have free-will and unfortunately, this World and those in it, are suffering because of humanity's OWN choices!

Posted by isaidgizmodambit on 2005-04-30 18:14:05

What responces would you have me add? If God has such vision, why were'nt Hitler and Hussein (and many others) still born?

Posted by Dr.Smart on 2005-10-16 04:13:07

Question: Gob being all knowing would know the next hitler, ect. This directly inteferes with our free will. Now his direct intervention also does so. He says be evil if you so choose, but he won't give them a chance? THAT sounds like a sick sense of humor. He is select breeding evil people now. If god knows our future he can't change it, therefore he knows he will kill the baby, he will not see it being a murderer, only his own action; he knows all that is, not all that is not. My 2 cents.