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Is Circumcision a good practice?

I like being circumcised

Posted by bruce1 on 2006-06-01 07:15:05

Circumcision is a good practice because it would not be so common if it wasn't.I am circumcised, it was done when i was born.I like being circumcised because it looks and feels good.So yes i think circumcision is good.

Posted by BigDik9 on 2006-06-03 01:04:46

I also am glad that I am circumcised. This particular poll's reslts for a long time was predominatly in favor of circumcision then all of a sudden in a matter of two days the results changed to reflect the views of those opposed to circumcision. The same thing has happened to every single poll on circumcision. Word spreads like the runs from one anti circumcision person and all of a sudden these polls which once were pretty darn accurate are trashed by their friends. They try to say how awful and harmful circumcision is and how bad it is for a guy's sexual being. They take credible medical reports and twist them to make them appear to support their beliefs. Well here is a fact for them. If circumcision was harmful to the boy the procedure to remove the foreskin would have been stopped decades ago. Doctors would not be performing them knowing that if it was harmful they could and probably would be sued by every circucmised male in the world.This ain't happening. Sure, a few lawsuits are filed by those trying to make a fast buck but for the most part they fail. A few lawsuits have survived when the circumcision was not performed correctly or the doctor doing the surgery was incompetent and real physical damage was done. The numbers of those type cases are minute and and rare. Those doctors should be punished. If circumcsion was bad for sexual feelings the fathers who were circumcised would never have had their sons done. The real truth is circumcision is not harmful, is not detrimental in any way, and is healthier for both the male and his partner. This is being proved every single day. Our ultra conservative government in the US would have passed laws banning male circumcision a long time ago if it was harmful. They have had numerous letters and pleas from the anti-circumcision people to pass such a law. Fat chance of that ever happening. Our politicians may be narrowminded but they also know that circumcision has benefits and even one of our former presidents in vocally supporting male circumcision. Well I guess I have stirred the pot so we will see how many of the opponants come out of the woodwork to take issue with the truth and real facts.

Posted by skirtchaser19 on 2008-01-29 19:38:03

Dont BS me and tell me you Pro Circumcision brainwashees dont rig polls too...


Guess what

in africa and the middle east MOST Parents who have their daughters genitals muilated HONESTLY believe its benefical and she usualy grows up to believe that too...

Its done without consent cannot be reversed latter in life therefor its evil

the health or social benefits it does or does not have are irrelevent once the above has been proven.

and I am REALLY offended by you calling the lawsuits we launch "attempts to make a quick buck"

were trying to get a legal precedent set getting parental proxy consent regarding circumcision declared "Illegal and void"

Posted by gogglewoggle on 2008-02-06 19:10:34


Posted by Jez93 on 2012-04-02 13:36:48

Agree! circumcised is so cool!