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Mixed Boxing (girls only)


Posted by hammerfist on 2005-09-06 18:11:27

Ha Ha You sissy. knocked out by a girl. How humiliating For You Infront of all those people. You must be as like as weak as they come dude. You probably let her win or you can't box. If i was in the ring she'd have been gone in the 1st hit cause girls can't fight, the only thing there good at is putting on makup cause lrts face it most need it. Ask your blond haired little freind if she'll box me unless ya too scared to ask her if she'll box me and i'll show you that girls can't fight cause there wosses.

Posted by somechick121 on 2007-06-04 23:18:18

If you kick in the balls, youre not a very good boxer. Boxing is punching. Thats it.

Posted by synfulknockout on 2007-06-19 10:24:24

which your not good at

Posted by somechick121 on 2007-06-26 17:31:20

How the hell would you know?

Posted by funseeker39 on 2007-07-06 03:28:54

seriously synful, get off this place, you have some serious inferiority complex or something to try to bang it into your brain that your a better athlete than girls just cause your a guy.