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Mixed Boxing (girls only)


Posted by hotgirl on 2005-04-04 21:37:43

I always box with anything goes rues. (kicking included) I only box males (who are weak). I only box people who agree to be naked and have their hands tied behind their back. If they say no I kow I would win so I say we did box. I always kick people in the balls and humiliate them. I am the best boxer ever!

Posted by funseeker39 on 2005-04-04 21:54:57

Oh Yeah? You sound sorta $%!@y. I dare ya to respond to this challenge. I think your all talk. Bring it! funs33ker21345@yahoo.com

Posted by hotgirl on 2005-04-08 03:51:16

Sorry for my lateness in response. Where do you live, mabye we can meet up. (I don't like giving my e-mail to angy sounding people, they may spam or tell people and what not)

Posted by funseeker39 on 2005-04-08 23:47:25

Oops, um sorry im not REALLY angry i just had a bad day. All ill say is im in CA. Nothin else. Still, Even if your not in the area, email me, i SWEAR on my word i wont spam you or anything if you give it to me. But i can understand your hesitation. Drop a message after you read this with a response please. : )

Posted by sexy nikki on 2005-06-16 13:12:50

It started when I was 10. My brother in law was 30. He is 6'1" 210lbs muscle.He was also rated 3rd in the world in a martial art in 1994. He would show me exercises,kicks, punches etc. At 13 years old, I weighed 106lb, 5'7".Thin but very strong. my body grew and I looked good. 32c breasts 24 waist, 34 hips. I took my older sisters clothes and high heels and I was dressed for a school dance. He was driving me there so when he came to pick me up.He tooh a look at me and he told me to go get changed, he didn't like me looking like that. I thougt I looked good, My sisters 4 1/2" black stilletos, sheer black nylons, Short black pleated skirt and black spandex tank top. I argued with him cause i liked what I wore. He told me I looked like a $%!@. I felt ashamed and disapointed, I don't know why, but I atacked him. With the heels we were almost the same height, but I surprised him with a kick in the face and he was bleeding. I used every thing he taught me "hit the nose first hard and break it so the pain make his eyes tear" . I was scared and kept going. I landed 6 hard kicks and 4 punches to his face. So he tackled me. I kneed him in the balls twice before we fell. I managed to get my legs aroung his neck and squeesed as hard as I could. He was trying to get my legs off, but I didn't let go cause he would kill me. When he was weak (almost passed out) I let go. I ran to my room but he didn't chase me. I felt afraid but also excited I loved the fact that I had won. I went back down and told him to take me to the dance. He didn't say a word and I didn't get changed.He kept looking at me in the car, at my legs(cause I lifted the skirt to my crotch) and he kept trying to look down my blouse. When I looked at him he would look away.I felt I beat him up but also made him want me(that turned me on). We were alone and we didn't speak about it for 6 months. He was shocked at first but then he confessed to me that He felt humiliated. A year later I developed more and we were on our way to a wedding reception so I liked to dress sexy. We were alone and I was attracted to him so i wanted to flirt a little cause i felt powerful over him. So I told him if he thought I looked sexy and he didn't respond but he had a boner. I rubbed my a$$ against it when I passed him in the lobby and I bumped it hard. All night I messed with his head, I asked my sister if he could drive me home early( he didn't want,but she insisted for me)When I got tomy parents house I asked him if he could come in and get something to give to my sister. I talked down to him and we fought again and He got his a$$ kicked again. I then made him have sex with me, I liked it more because I was in control. Now I boss him around when we are alone and I force him to have sex with me cause I like it. I promised never to tell what I did to him. His reputation would be $%!@. We share a secret and I feel so powerful. I see his fear when we are alone and I like it. In front of my sister he still acts the tough guy but I make him feel small. When I tell him in private a little teen girl at 13 beat this big champion hulking man he sulks, and I looked sexy doing it. I love it. I've beaten up 9 other guys since then and I love it.