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Swim Team and Shaving (13-25 year olds only please)


Posted by tighty whitey on 2005-04-10 00:07:49

I am 14 y/o male on swim team, and we are required to shave our pubes totally off because we wear such tiny swim suits that show our entire tummy right down to the top of our shaft in front, and half-way down our crack in back. I mean, like, we are almost naked, and these tiny little swim trunks are black see-thru material that just hugs every inch of our groin so that everything is bulging out. It is a latex-type material, like a balloon is made of. People can actually see our pe-nis right thru the suit, especially when it gets wet. It is very embarassing parading around at a swim meet in front of other students, teachers, and parents having them all see everything you own. When you climb out of the pool your suit pulls down in the back so that our entire butt is hanging out for all to see, and you have to keep pulling it back up in the rear. Most of the time the top of my shaft is showing, which is very embarrasing.
The swim coach says that the less we have on, the faster we can swim, and he must be right, because our team is #1 in the district.
We had refreshments in the gym right after the swim meet the other day, and we guys didn't have a chance to change, so there we are walking around and mingling with everyone, just about naked and everyone seeing what we have in our pants.
A really cute girl kept hanging around me and staring at my groin and my butt, but I didn't mind. I actually pulled my little swim suit down a little so she could get a better look at my bare butt, my peen-ie shaft. We went off to a private corner and I made sure she could look right in and see everything hanging.

Posted by flmt on 2005-05-22 18:34:21

Consider yourself lucky. For our team we have to shave everything except our head twice a day naked in the shower with everyone. We also have to maintain virtualy no body fat. When we lose one race even if 100 people are racing and we come in second we have to race naked the rest of the season. After that every race when lose naked we have to give $%!@ sex to other guys right in front of the crowds.

Posted by HottieJim on 2006-03-23 19:12:17

Yeah, that's all true I'm sure! We have to get raped by the coaches right in front of the crowd too. Then we have to stay naked the rest of the week in classes and let anyone rape us bareback whenever they want. What a bunch of morons.

Posted by cubs2007 on 2006-12-27 19:14:23

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