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Should I make him a maid?

thats just mean

Posted by zjc on 2004-12-06 22:53:45

glad you aint my friend.

Posted by morrie on 2004-12-08 02:31:10

Go for it, I think women should feminize males as much as posible I am now raising my son as a girl and My huband is now a female, but that was his choice. But I stuck with him throughout the whole thing and now we are best friends as well as lovers.

Posted by seems2me on 2004-12-12 04:42:18

Take charge Steph! He knows what he is doing.

Like most males he needs a woman to tell him what to do. Respect his wishes however, do not blackmail or "destroy" the guy. We have feelings too! But if he goes for it... why shouldn't you & your friends have some fun?

Posted by myrobot on 2004-12-19 01:33:29

totally do it but make it fun for him- make him wear tights but feel up his legs while he's wearing them. Lift up his dress and tease him... be forcefully and make him do stuff for you, but also be flirty.

Posted by 8APride on 2005-09-06 05:40:18


Some of you ladies are raising your boys as girls? WTF is wrong with you?