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Chastity Devices


Posted by herslave50 on 2005-07-26 15:50:36


Posted by Monica on 2006-06-11 16:11:00

I wear a belt

I wear a Tollyboy belt on dates. I would rather a boy who went on a date with me wore a suitable belt too (not the Tollyboy girl's belt, though, it would crunch his nuts!!) When you are both belted you are very free to experiment sexually because you both know that you will not go too far. It's surprising how satisfying a long topless kissing session can be.... and my belt allows me to receive spankings with a narrow paddle.

I believe that parents should fit girls with belts and insist that they wear them on first dates and for the first six months with any new boyfriend.

Posted by cindyxdresser on 2006-07-06 08:07:35

i think that girls shouldnt have to wear them.why not put a locking chastity belt on all boys before they reach puberty?I would let a girl lock one on me and keep the keys so she has control of when or if i can receive pleasure as a guy

Posted by tee3 on 2007-04-11 03:46:44

I am a boy and I would be willing, to wear a chastity belt thing. See, I would feel more confident in not becoming a baby's daddy at the age of 12.

Posted by fishylee14 on 2007-04-23 19:51:34


i would wear thought i have never worn one before wotis it like ?