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Anna Nicole Smith vs Pamela Anderson

Hottie Catfight.

Posted by Sweet Jessica on 2007-05-20 15:53:04

Knowing she stands no chance in a Hottie contest against Pamela Anderson, Anna Marie Nicole decides to knock Pam out of the contest. Using her 6’ advantage and 150 more pounds, Anna easily shoves Pam onto her back. “I’m goona flatten you, like the nasty little $%!@roach you are!” Anna leaps in the air and lands with all her weight on Pam. The full force of Anna’s big body crushes poor Pam and drives the air out of her ample chest. Anna wiggles and bounces on Pam to compound the force on her sexy opponent. Pam is buried beneath Anna and the audience cannot even see her. Unable to breath, Pam is close to passing out. ‘Now I’m gonna finish you off by busting those silicon bags of your!”, Anna sneers with glee. She moves into a schoolgirl pin position on Pam, placing her enormous butt on Pam’s breasts. Anna proceeds to bounce up and down, trying to flatten Pam’s chest. Unable to breath and to stand the pain, Pam passes out. Anna stands up in triumph and stomps on Pam’s belly for good measure. Anna prances around the stage to the accolades of her fans. Every once in awhile she grabs Pam’s golden locks and drags her around the stage to show her dominance. As Pam begins to wake up, Anna hair hauls her to her feet and shakes the limp Pam like a rag doll. But Anna is so busy on tormenting the semi-conscious Pam that she doesn’t realize Pam is recovering while pretending to be at Anna’s mercy. When her strength has returned far enough, Pam suddenly slams her right fist deep into Anna’s blubbering belly, quickly followed by another powerful blow with her left fist Anna is completely out of shape and doubles over as the wind is knocked out of her. Pam then kicks Anna on her exposed butt, sending Anna crashing onto her face. Just two punches and Anna is done for. She pleads with Pam, “Please no more.” “Haha, fatty, you can dish it out but you can’t take it!”, Pam answers back. With some effort Pamela rolls Anna onto her back. Then she places her foot on Anna’s stomach and raises her arms in victory, showing off her well defined biceps. Pam’s fans roar their approval and she is declared the hottest woman alive.