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lines as punishment

Girls get more lines.

Posted by simon33 on 2004-12-06 20:14:07

Girls used to get far more lines than boys at my school. Usually some woman teacher gave them hundreds to write over the weekend. They all used to hate their gym teacher because she gave twice as many lines as anyone else.

Posted by muinteor on 2005-07-03 09:50:43

I fully agree with you about female teachers being the worst for giving lines. However, in the mixed school I attended, boys received this punishment much more often than the girls. Being a quite rebellious sort myself, I suffered more than most - though fully deserved I might add.

My french teacher in particular took a dim view of my attitude in class and as a result I found myself writing lines for her almost every week. Though she was a young teacher - not long out of college - she stood for no nonsence in class and enforced the rules rigidly. I still have painful memories of spending hours after school writing lines for her - for lack of attention, sloppy homework, untidy books, talking out of turn and numerous other misdemeanours.

On one very painful occasion she caught me chewing gum in her friday morning class. To teach me a lesson, she made up one of those really long lines (not a line but a paragraph)and ordered me to write it out 500 times over the weekend. The lines took the entire weekend to write - it was an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone. However it taught me a valuable lesson and not wishing to receive such a punishment again it led to a considerable improvement in my behaviour in class. For that I am grateful to my French teacher.

Posted by Sady on 2007-06-28 15:29:51

I know how you feel! Will you make your kids write lines?