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Seven Deadly Sins

7 deadly sins

Posted by Steve ST on 2004-11-15 00:20:16

I believe the worst of the 7 deadly sins is anger-- because it leads to violence and even murder ( Cain and Able for example)In the Cain and Abel story envy was a great part also. None the less, the anger that leads to violence and murder is probably the worst. After that I would say pride is the 2nd worst. Think of the pride of nations and rulers that have lead to wars and so many deaths. Europes decent into WWl is a prime example of the 'pride of nations and rulers' that lead to about 30 million deaths in four yrs.

Posted by sixty7a on 2004-11-16 05:51:22

Number 8


Posted by chucksmom on 2004-11-17 14:27:49

Neo-Conservatism = Cowardism for money GREED

Posted by sixty7a on 2004-11-19 05:35:28

I think that would have to be number 9. Eight's taken :)

Posted by chucksmom on 2004-11-20 00:47:34

Greed is number 6, I didn't have to make up a new one. It is synonomous w/the Neo-con agenda - self enrichment upon the backs of the stupid, ignorant & opium-laced religious drones. Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.