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nocturnal emmission

wet dreams

Posted by Prez86 on 2004-12-18 07:09:52

I have had several wet dreams. When i had my first, i was about 13. I went into my older brothers room(he was 16 at the time.) He told me that it was normal, and that he had just had one too. He also said that his wet dream was caused by thinking about sex. He said it was about him with this guy. We changed our briefs, and he gave me a type of pad that boys wear to guard their underwear from future wet dreams. He put it in my briefs and he said.."congradulations baby." And when i was fixin to leave, he busted a nut again, and he showed me, and he let me feel it. It felt really warm and creamy and oozy. He let me lick it up too. Then he took my underwear off, and he layed me on his bed, and he put my legs over his shoulders, and he shoved his hot 5 incher into my butt and shot his load. Then he sucked me, I sucked him, and he rammed his rod into me again, then I went back into my room and went to sleep. I am still having wet dreams at 16, and he is 19 and we still talk about our wet dreams and we jerk together sometimes. We also share breifs sometimes. He is still having his wet dreams too.

Posted by quickdry on 2005-01-02 23:20:08

Do you get together with any friends for the same type of stuff. Do you wear sexy underwear ?

Posted by RWD on 2006-01-28 10:37:10

I'm still having wet dreams too, and I'm in my 40's! When you've got it, you've got it!:)

Posted by jhb on 2006-02-04 12:03:32

About being active in a sport and wet dreams

I am of an older age and cellibate. It was interesting that few had them about being active in a sport as mine are normally about that. I am often playing tennis or taking part in track and field events. Anyone else experience this?

Posted by Donald Dumpsfiels on 2006-04-13 22:49:09

nocturnal emission

My mom has me dress as a boy during the day but when I go to bed I have to wear girls clothes. First I take a buble bath and the I put on a girl's string bikini. Once Mom tried to punish me by petticoating me but I like it right away so now it is every night. She took me to the pool and I went into the girl's lockers with her and changed there in a stall. I came out in a string bikini. She noticed that thong suits were ok on girls so she talked the pool into allowing me to go into a thong bottom only. As soon as I started wearing girl's thing I had wet dreams. Wearing perfume only gave me more dreams.