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Gender Role Reversal Part 2

Mothers Who Feminize?

Posted by JAMESBLAIR799 on 2011-12-27 19:48:14

Hi Patti do you think femininity men or boys belong wearing panties or diapers while dress as little girl

Posted by Pattiann on 2011-12-28 17:11:47

Hi James! I think a Great place to start for Feminizing a man or a boy is with panties. Maybe that means starting with White Cotton ones, then progressing to nylon and such. I really believe that the sensuousness of silky nylon will "Hook" the majority of males that are exposed to them. I am not so much into Diapers...I am into the Feminization of men and boys.

Posted by mzpriss on 2012-01-21 20:48:58

I cannot speak directly for my mother because she died when I was about 17. I can speak about what she and my sister did (allowed really) to me concerning being feminized.

When I wa very young, I always wanted to put on make-up and dresses. My mom put a ballerina shirt on me about age 3 and I remember prancing and dancing with it all day long. This kept me occupied and out of trouble, so she would put a little make-up on me and my "dress" and put me out to play. I got all sorts of "Ooooh's" and "Aaaah's" from all the females that I ran into, that I would look forward to the compliments from all of them. I did not know that mom kept me away from males while I was being treated like this. I soon developed a true fixation on pleasing any female that I knew. This included my sister who was two yrs. older. My sister took up where and when my mother did not have time to "play" dress-up with me.

I promptly became my sister's dolly and little sister rolled into one! I was dressed and played with daily and was taught feminine traits to do while dressing-up. I would clean my sisterr's room, and do both ladies laundry, and would help on ALL of the house-work. It got to where I was doing most of the housework while being fully dressed-up. I loved it!!

Posted by Pattiann on 2012-01-22 19:12:12

I think that is wonderful that not only did your mother Encourage your Femininity, but your sister did as well. What a Better and Less Violent World we will have as Men and Boys become more Feminine and Docile. Pretty males that are not doing Competative Sports, but being "Gurlie" will make for a Much Better society. I am so happy for you and I hope that you continue to explore your Male Femininity!

Posted by jacksl on 2012-05-27 03:14:54

My mom always dressed me in girl clothes, from panties to pretty dresses. Strange, but looking back I loved the feminine clothing I never remember a time that I wore men's underwear. She was the love of my life and I think she knew when I was born that I was "different" from boys. She was very strict and sometimes hard, but she always stood by me, especially when I started puberty and started having same sex encounters with boys.