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Parents using tickle punishment

You're going to get a tickling...

Posted by Danika on 2010-02-23 04:47:51

I think someone needs to find out where these people live, and send a social worker over..... These people are certifiable. Tying children down??? This is so so sick. These children need to be taken away from these freaks. I dont know where these peopls live, Im in California, if anyone reported anything like this Childrens Services would be there in a minute hauling their butts to jail..

Posted by Jasonobligator on 2010-03-29 13:08:50
Hello, my name is Jason. I am fifteen and ever since I was ten my parents have tickle punished me. I know I deserve it and that it is my punishment but I hate it alot. Whenever I do something worth punishment they tell me I am going to get a tickling. I hate hearing those words because I know what is coming next. First, after I take a shower they take me to their room and strap me down on their bed. They use belts to strap my arms to the corner posts of the bed and then duct tape my ankles to the bottom two. They also put these weird things under my feet so I can't point them downwards. They set the time they agreed to on the timer and begin. The time usually verys from ten minutes to two hours. They have this rule were if the time goes up to thrity minutes I have to be tickled naked. Otherwise I am wearing only boxer breifs. At first they start off slow, by rippling their fingers across my feet, ribs, armpits, and inner thighs. This tickles alot but doesn't even compare to when they start digging their fingers into my sides, armpits, stomach, and the bottoms of my thighs. Whenever I move around to much and the belts start coming loose, or if I say something I am not supposed to they add ten whole minnutes to the timer! Sometimes I can't help squirming around. It just tickles so much. After my time is over they make me recite something that goes like this, "I am sorry for my wrongfull actions, I disrespected my parents and this will not happen agian. If I do commit this wrongfull offence once agian my punishment time will be doubled. I am deeply sorry and my parents have every right to punish me.

it's really hard to say it because they keep tickling me until I say it right and at the end I can barely breathe. Sometimes if I can't remember it I just apolagize alot and beg them to stop, but it doesn't work. How old are your oldest kids? Do you still tickle them? Is fifteen to old to be tickled? Thank you I am glad I am not the only one who has this punishment.

Posted by foxlucette on 2010-06-03 05:54:26

I was raised by my mother and my aunt (my late father's sister) after my father died while I was an infant. For as long as I can remember, both of them were always tickling me while I was growing up. When I reached adolescence, the two of them decided that tickling would be used as punishment for misbehavior on my part. Tickling had always been playful up to that point and when I was informed that I would be tickled as a punishment I thought it would be no different than what I was used to. It did not take long for me to learn what what she and my aunt had in mind. One afternoon I went to a friend's house without telling my mom where I was going. When I returned, my mom and my aunt said I was to be punished. Both of them had strange smiles as my mom told me to change into a tank top. I was made to lie on my back on my bed and told to raise my arms above my head. My aunt pinned my arms by holding my wrists and my mom laid down beside me. Then my mom began to lightly tickle one of my underarms. She let her fingers dance in a slow, deliberate fashion that immediately caused me to gasp into spasms of laughter. I am extremely ticklish under the arms and she knew this. She tickled one side and then the other as I struggled to pull my arms down. My aunt had a good hold on me and I was unable to escape my predicament. I laughed and pleaded for mercy while the torment continued for several minutes. When mom stopped I thought my ordeal was over but she changed places with my aunt who had her turn tickling me. My aunt used the same technique as my mom though she would also venture down my sides for a few seconds before returning to my armpit. She also enjoyed taunting me by cooing 'tickle,tickle,tickle' and 'gitchy,gitchy' while she tickled me. When they stopped, it took a few moments for me to regain my composure. Both of them thoroughly enjoyed what they had done and this type of discipline continued until I finished high school. On some occasions I would feel aroused after being tickled but I never mentioned this to anyone. I can understand how people like Catherine the Great derived pleasure from tickling helpless victims. There are certainly sexual overtones associated with activity like this, especially the idea of dominance and submission. I wonder who else might have had similar experiences?

Posted by davidhan on 2010-06-03 14:23:13

I don't think you should tie them naked though. That is not really sending a good message. Try to leave their underwear on please.

Posted by NeoCortex25 on 2010-08-08 14:08:00

Fox - It seems to me as though they may have had a tickling fetish, or taken an interest in it, as like you said tickling had always been a playful thing, plus they had strange smiles on their faces when you came home, as though they had been plotting how to control you. And if you had felt aroused by it, as many people do, it may have been passed down. I have suspicions of my own in my family.

You also mentioned that they teased you, and both enjoyed it - again, this is not typical of a punishment as it's not meant to be fun, which makes me think they could've had a fetish in it. And perhaps they were trying to introduce it to you or see if you had an interest in it too. Many parents share sexual interests with their kids when they grow up, and they become much closer.

Tickling punishments have often been mistaken for abuse because of this very reason, and maybe it is. But if you have been left with something afterwards, it can often be very fun fantasising and looking into it more. I haven't exactly had experiences, but I've definitely had sexual feelings due to many things, which quickly grew into a (secret) tickling fetish.

I also noticed your poll - if you would ever like to talk sometime about tickling that would be great. I have messenger and email, just let me know.