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Parents using tickle punishment

You're going to get a tickling...

Posted by sirlloyd on 2005-11-22 23:03:36

Wednesday, I really enjoyed reading your description of how you are punished. When I was age 7 to about 12 I was punished by tickling. At the time I thought it was terrible but it was effective and I believe has a number of advantages over spanking and other methods. The attitude and environment that is usually present with a spanking I believe are very hurtful to a child. I think that it is very important to eliminate the screaming and belittling comments. Most of this is eliminated when the punishment is tickling. I was in a situation where I had to live with my half great aunt and the tickling or perhaps the entire process I believe was responsible for creating a quick loving bond of trust with my aunt which I don't think would have developed as quickly otherwise. When I was punished it was more or less right away. I was tied to a small metal cot which is a small narrow bed. Part of my punishment was remaining tied to the cot for a period of time. Usually about 1 or 2 hours. During that period of time I was tickled a number of time for perhaps 5 or 10 minutes each time. Tickling is a fun punishment and yet you dread it at the same time or at least I did. I think I welcomed it because it brought a resolution to the issue without the violence of spanking. The ticklings I got were intense and often the next day the muscles in my abdomen would be so sore from either laughing or struggling and wrenching about that it would hurt to walk down steps. Hurt more walking down than up.

Posted by catsrule on 2005-12-15 21:38:27

Maybe this is just me but I think all of these messages are sick... Who sits around thinking up ways to torture their children? You people seriously tie your children down? Do you really think this is healthy? Sure, tickling leaves no physical scars, but psychological damage is much more devastating and lasts much longer. I know some people whose parents tickle-tortured them when they were younger and to this day they are terrified of even playful tickling. I can't even imagine being tied town and tickled for ten or more minutes by several people at once. That's probably even worse than spanking. At least when they get older they know that if a boyfriend or girlfriend hits them it's wrong, but tickling is a form of flirtation to many people. It's part of a physical relationship. What's going to happen when your kids are old enough to start dating and someone innocently tickles one of them? You've taken something that should be fun and made it painful. Besides I think if the wrong people found out you were tying your children, naked, to a bed, and subjecting them to prolonged tickling with no break to breathe (yes, children need to breathe!), you would run head-on into child abuse charges. I hope for your children's mental health you stop what you're doing.

Posted by 123456654321 on 2006-03-04 17:06:36

I have to agree here. For me, my punishments have always been grounding or spanking, never tickling. Sure, spanking might hurt, but not for very long, and it gets the message across that you did something wrong. And not many girlfriends or boyfriends will flirt with you by spanking you. I know my girlfriend doesn't. Besides, tickling is supposed to be a fun way to bond with someone, not punish someone for doing something wrong. I know of someone who got tickled terribly by their parents nearly everyday, and now they have trouble holding hands with their boyfriend. All you're going to do is hurt their chances at finding happiness with a partner. Spanking and grounding may hurt them (I know being grounded hurts as much as spanking, but in a different way), but tickling them mercilessly as punishment is going to hurt them worse. Hell, my girlfriend was abused by her adopted father in almost any way you can imagine, besides sexually. You can imagine that she didn't have a lot of trust for guys. It took me a long time to get her to trust me enough to even kiss me. However, she only lived with him for 2-4 years of her life. Imagine how bad it would be if she had lived with what your children are going through? I bet she wouldn't even let me put my arm around her like she encourages me to do now. And also, she's very ticklish. Brushing her hair will make her giggle. But she didn't live through being tickled as punishment, so she doesn't mind it if I give her a quick tickle now and then. But your children won't allow their partners to do that. Believe it or not, tickling is a way of bonding with others, and you're ruining it for you children. It's meant to be playful and fun, not punishment for your children doing something bad. Frankly, I'm appalled. You've taken something fun and playful, and twisted it bad enough to use it to make life living hell for your children. If I were you, I would switch to spanking and/or grounding as punishment. Sure, they may hurt for a while, but in the end they'll make your children understand right from wrong without giving them psychological scars like your doing now. I'm not saying beat them, but spank them a few times when they do something wrong, or don't let them watch TV for a few days. When they get older, you ca switch entirely to grounding, like my parents did. I got in trouble last week for coming home late. My dad didn't beat me, or tickle the $%!@ out of me. He's not letting me leave the house except to go to school and work for 2 weeks. Sure, it hurt, since I can't have any talks in private with my girlfriend, or kiss her or hug her or anything for another whole week, but it will end, and I'll be better off for it, and I won't have any bad feelings about it. But this is just sick. Your children are going to miss out on the fun of tickling as a tool for flirting and bonding already because of this. For their sake, you should switch to spanking or grounding. Think of your children here.

Posted by gamefan007 on 2006-05-10 23:58:59

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Posted by Asd--- on 2006-11-21 18:06:21

Hi, ItaliaQT, I'm italian too, I'm not sure you'll read this, after so much time without answers, and I didn't understand if they do this as a punishment or becouse they think it's a funny thing after all, but if you feel realy bad about it I think you should try to talk whit them about this very openly and whit much determination. Even if this is supposed to be for punishing you they could be exagerating, you could try asking them to punish you in another way, and if it's for fun if you make them understand that you realy feel bad about it they should agree to tickle you less. If anithing else works and you realy can't stand this situation animore you could also use all the histeria of this days against child abuse menaching to talk about this whit someone like a teacher or a school psycologist, or to call the azure phone or wathever exists now, but I guess you'd better not do something like this for real unless you are desperate, becouse I have no idea of how this could end if you do, and I suppose someone could consider this a proper case of child abuse.