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Guns and your Government

Have you ever known anyone...

Posted by charliehorse on 2006-12-31 18:34:46

As one who has defended himself on 2 different occasions with a gun, all of the statistics and studies in the world don’t matter one iota when it is YOUR life that is in immediate danger. All that matters at that moment is that you have the ability and means to take care of the situation right now, since the situation isn’t gonna wait for the lawyers, judges, juries, college professors and assorted armchair “experts” to arrive and ponder what should be done for a few months. Thank God that in both cases I was able to diffuse the situation without a shot being fired. As to the police, they are great! But as most any of the rank-and-file officers will tell you, they can seldom be on the scene when they are most needed. In one of the two situations I mentioned the police were called and arrived after I had pretty well diffused the situation. Unfortunately, the officer whizzed right past the scene of the encounter on his first pass, then had to turn around, slow down and drive much more slowly before he found my wife and myself at our trailer. I explained what had happened including the fact that I had defended my wife and myself with a gun. Turns out, he was already attempting to find the guy that was bothering us and that I managed to scare off, so I apologized to him for making his pursuit that much more difficult. He replied, “No! You absolutely have to defend yourself first and foremost in a situation like that! We will eventually find this guy anyway. At least I know which way he went now thanks to you.” With that he bade my wife and I a “good evening” (it was 2:00 AM by that time) and he promised to patrol our area several times more that night, which indeed he did.