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Gender Role Reversal


Posted by blondbabe on 2011-09-08 12:41:11

Halloween is coming. This poll is geared to boys who like to dress as girls.

It's Halloween Again

Thanks, Blondbabe

Posted by Whitte on 2011-09-29 01:27:04

Now can you explain to me why you would have to wait until Halloween to dress as you please? What exactly is wrong with a boy wearing a dress or a skirt or for that matter any and all so-called feminine attire? There is nothing at all wrong with a boy being feminine and assuming the female role, most boys would be happier for doing it. A few short years from now women will be in charge of virtually all management roles, so men and boys need to get used to assuming a subservient role and learn to behave in a feminine manner. From now on mothers need to teach their boys to be feminine and to obey their female counterparts, and girls at a young age need to be taught that boys are inferior to them and they are there to serve them in any way they deem fit. That will eventually mean that boys and men will assume female dress and act like today's females. That being said, the quicker we start feminizing our boys, the better.