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Gender Role Reversal

My gf wears the pants.

Posted by sissy1 on 2009-03-11 16:18:29

My gf is bigger and stronger than me, I am a wuss, i let my gf do everything. one day, she asked me to take off all my clothes and she gave me panties and a dress and said this is what you should wear and you're not a man. she said i was her wife', she proceeded to do makeup and she dressed me up all pretty, I was embarrassed but she kissed me and said, no matter what you wear, i will always love you. she said that from now on i will only wear dresses and panties at home. I woke up next day and she came back from work, and she said "A girls gotta look pretty at all times and she gave me a white dress and makeup". I was embarrassed. She kissed me and she touched all over my body as if to signify her dominance.

The next day she told me that if i was a good girl, she would let me play with her "Other boyfriend". I didn't know what to do, i kept quiet. She brought over her other bf and i was sitting in the corner. he came to me and just looked at me. I was embarrassed and ashamed.

her bf left and my gf came to my ears and said "You want to suck his $%!@, don't you?". I was shocked but then she kissed me again and said "now tell me", I just nodded my head.

She said you're a girl and to be a complete girl you need to play with her boyfriend. The next day she brought him again, this time he grabbed me and kissed me. I was shocked, next she said "Do you want to give him a blowjob?". I just nodded my head and then she kneeled me down and I DID IT.

She then asked me how it was, i blushed and she knew i liked it. (I secretly liked it too). she said "If you don't say yes then i'll never call him back". I shouted "Yes". and she said "That's a good girl".

MY gf wears panties and i wear the pants, she has turned me into a $%!@sucker because i wasn't good enough to be a man.

Posted by AIRGOD and his Host on 2009-11-04 20:38:18

OUCH!!!! I dont know wats going on, but its extremely funny, especially the way girls are treating boys! Its their payback and Im not going to argue. However, I wish there were another way for girls to get payback...

This kind of stuff can bring a tear to sum1's eye, but me, I laugh and sometimes feel btr about myself. It does my heart good to see men get their Karma. Its a natural force, in case some of u dont know...

Posted by Whitte on 2011-09-29 01:08:03

Yes, it is a natural force, i truly believe that the proper role of the female is to be dominant and the male submissive. And because of that fact, we need to start our children out early by teaching them their roles in life, we need to have a complete role reversal and teach our boys to be subservient to all females, and teach all little girls that boys are inferior and exist only to serve them. You must admit, the world would be a better place and I'm convinced that both males and females would be happier people.