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Gender Role Reversal

my gender role reversal

Posted by twinblade on 2008-11-22 20:14:13

you need to kiss another guy. and be satisfied by him.

Posted by maggied on 2009-01-02 23:10:48

I married an older woman and willfully took the submissive roll in our relationship. She was stunning and sophisticated though quite stern as I would find out after our marriage. Being a close friend of my mothers as it turned out she knew quite a bit more about me and my history than I of her.

We hooked up one night at a party mom was throwing and ended up leaving together, six months later we were married. As she was quite settled and successful in her career and I was struggling to find myself it was decided early on in the engagement that I would stay home and take the normal roll of the wife. Naively I agreed not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. As it turns out had I known I never would have agreed.

She was quite stern and demanded perfection around the house. She was a strong willed woman and though I did my best there was a learning curve and I was quite often punished and humiliated for minor infractions.

About 6 months into the relationship she determined that I needed take my responsibilities to heart and improve my professionalism in my work. One of her ideas was that I should consider wearing a uniform while I did my chores to remind me that this was a job and I was at work. At first I resisted but with a bit of coercion her will won out and I found myself looking at uniform catalogs with her.

I winced when I realized she wasn't just talking about slacks and a shirt but about a full maids uniform complete with skirt blouse and pinafore. I objected profusely but she reminded me who the man in our house was and there was no backing out, subtly reminding me I had agreed and it was her way or the highway.

The day the uniforms arrived by post I was horrified when I saw what I would be wearing. My wife arrived home and saw the box and immediately wanted me to try it on. When I removed it she took out a tape and took some measurements and immediately went to the mall to purchase a padded bra for me. The next morning she woke me early to help me dress and I started crying when I saw myself in the mirror, but that did nothing to deter her, from that moment on I was to wear the uniform when I cleaned. Instead of sympathy she slapped me and told me I was an ingrate and to get a grip, if I was to be a housewife I should be proud of what I had chosen to do. I attempted to remove it after she had left and soon found it locked around my neck and waist.

That was over 10 years ago, since that time I still wear a uniform complete with pinafore why I work and now I dress as a woman even when I'm not cleaning. My wife expects the house to be spotless when she comes home from work and expects me to be dressed for her when she arrives. She says any man would expect this of their spouse so why shouldn't she. She is nice to me and treats me well and buys me expensive gifts and toys. I have no real other skills and would not want to leave the relationship as I love her, but I have had to eat my pride and accept that I am the housewife and her the husband. In essence she is my boss like any other boss and as it turns out I truly am the wife and her the husband.

Posted by Pattiann on 2010-11-14 05:01:39

Maggie it is a Very Good thing that your wife has decided that you need to wear skirts...afterall, she is the Breadwinner and the "Husband" in your marriage. More men will need to realize as women take on the Leadership Roles we men will be in the submissive Role and Required to waer Pretty clothes to be attractive to our women...afterall, men did this to women for centuries, the Shoe is now on the other foot!

Posted by Whitte on 2011-09-29 01:02:03

Pattiann, you are so correct, the men need to realize their new place in the grand scheme of things and that is assuming the traditional feminine role, and because of that fact they must learn to be more feminine in every thing they do. And it falls on us as women and mothers to teach our boys at a very early age to be femiine and to be submissive to females at all times. We need to stress on both the boys and the girls that females are superior and dominant and males are inferior. If this was done, the world would be a better place and both males and females would be much happier.

Posted by Pattiann on 2011-09-30 16:42:09

Hi Whitte!

It is so Wonderful to hear from you and the Outlook you have on the Future interactions of males and females. It is a Delight to learn that you have Feminized your two sons...I bet they are Adorable in their Pretty Dresses and other Feminine Clothing! I have Advocated fior Male Femininity and the Empowerment of Women - Gender Role Reversal for years. I would Really LOVE to correspond with you on this Subject and share thoughts and Ideas on how to Encourage more women to Feminize their Males. I would LOVE it if you would contact me at the following E-Mail Address: sissyforgirls2000@yahoo.com. I Hope to hear from you soon!