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Gender Role Reversal


Posted by Buzz on 2004-10-27 16:15:17

I would love to hang out with someone like you for a day, and have you dress me up. It's always been a fantasy of mine, even if I didn't want to dress up, to have someone else make me do it, and take me out in public. I have worn a bra in public, not sure if people noticed or not, although nobody said anything to me. Also, I went out dressed as a woman last year for halloween, and plan on doing it this year too if I can find another dress that will fit me!

Posted by pennysue on 2004-12-05 07:01:45


Women are the dominate species. I have completely feminized my husband of 10 years and he now lives and passes for a women everyday because that is what I wanted him to be. He now has even feminized our 3 sons now so they too have taken the roles of 3 lovely little girls. They all wear womens and girls clothing full time and have the hair and the look of totally female. No one who does not know us would ever suspect that they are indeed a father and 3 sons. I must have received a bargain when I made my sisie because I got 4 for the price of one. Everyone now enjoys it very much and we are all very happy with this the way it is.

Posted by Kevin147 on 2004-12-06 08:50:16

can i join your famliy pennysue?? hehe jk... (i realize if said this in about everypost but i just want to be accepted as a girl that badly :)

Posted by Patti602003 on 2004-12-06 18:58:18

Hi Pennysue! I think the world NEEDS more Women like you - taking your Rightful Place in society, and encouraging the Feminization of Men and Boys. Considering that you have a Feminine husband and three Lovely Feminine Sons, as your sons get older what type of woman would you want them to get involved with? A Feminine Girl or a Tomboyish Girl? Another question, if you don't mind, are you a Tomboy?

Posted by pennysue on 2004-12-08 19:00:44

patti, I am a very tall,educated, well dressed woman, I am the girl from school that all the guys went after and wanted to go out with. No I was never a Tomboy but always liked to be in control. Problem was I had all the jocks after me and I was looking for a softer more silghty built more girly type guys. Altough my first major boyfriend was a jock and 3 sport atheltic and he really looked great in panties and a bra. I even got him out one day all dressed up for a day. I ran into him one day out of town and he just turned away and left quickly. Probably misses my attention I gave him.