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Babysitters Bathing Boys

Bathed by cousins

Posted by al472 on 2012-01-14 20:51:15

My posting is not really about babysitters bathing boys, but it is about my female cousins bathing me.When I was nine years old I stayed about three weeks with my cousins on their five acre farm. My three girl cousins were 6,13 and 15, and my boy cousin was barely 10. We boys had lots of fun that first day, but that evening was no fun for me. My aunt made us take a bath together. I guess we needed it, so that was okay.

Well, my oldest cousin went into the bathroom with us, and she filled the tub while we boys undressed. I felt funny doing that. I had never even undressed completely in front of my mother anymore. I tried to keep turned away from Agnes while undressing, but my cousin Fred pranced around so unconcerned. Agnes stood there watching us until we were in the tub. I know that she kept staring at me, and I tried to keep my hands over my genitals.

After we played in the tub for quite a while Agnes reappeared and said it was time to be washed. First she washed my Fred’s face, back arms and chest, then she did the same to me. Next she told Fred to stand, and she washed the rest of him. Then I had to stand, too. I had never been washed by my mother in at least four years, and it was very embarrassing to have my cousin grasp my private parts and scrub them. She was kneeling, and her face was on a level with my $%!@. Her eyes were glued on the parts she was washing all the time.

After Agnes finished she hooked up a hand shower to the faucet and washed our hair. I did not mind that, but as soon as she finished she began toweling her brother, drying every part of him. Then she told hin to sit on the toilet lid while she dried me. Then we ha to walk naked up the steps to our bedroom.

The next night was worse. I admit we were dirty after a hard day’s play, so I expected another bath. That time Agnes filled the tub and we played for quite awhile before Agnes came back in. But this time my cousin Martha came in, too. She just stood there watching while Ages did the washing. Fred had told me that his mother or Agnes always bathed him, but never Martha. She had often watched him in the tub, though. I know that she did lots of staring.

After Agnes had us both washed she told Martha to dry her brother while she dried me. Then we raced up to the bedroom in the nude again.

My aunt made us have a bath almost every evening. She washed us only two or three times. My female cousins us at least six times. My aunt sometimes came in to check on us while the girls were bathing us.

After several baths I was getting used to my nudity in front of my aunt and female cousins, but the final straw was having my six-year-old cousin see me naked. She came in one evening and watched her older sisters washing us. She never said a word until I was being dried. Then she whispered, “Jason has a bigger peepee than Freddie, doesn’t he?” Both the older girls giggled, and they made some additional comments.

When I returned home I did not tell my mother about my bathing experiences. It was too embarrassing.

Posted by CaDad on 2012-01-28 21:34:44

First of all-nice story!!!! No go to bed and read your comic book.