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Babysitters Bathing Boys

watched by babsitters niece

Posted by LulzWot on 2009-12-01 05:13:27

Hey CaDad or should I say Mr Troll I'm here too. Allow me to be blunt. Is Mommy still being naughty to you? Do you get off threatening anonymous posters on a bulletin board? You my friend are a true sicko. But, since it seems to giving you some cheap thrills.

Carry on Troll.

Posted by spanked19 on 2009-12-02 05:04:44

What is it with these two sexist women? Now we find out that the first one is homophobic too.

Posted by CaDad on 2010-01-21 17:26:05

LuizWot: LOL_your a sicko and you know it-there is a report just our that pretty much says it all-girls molesting boys is epidemic-it's so bad authorities are not too sure what to do because all of the laws and remedies are geared to male offenders!!!! The days of females molesting boys is quickly coming to the attention of everyone- It is only a matter of time before women like you are caught and punished.

Posted by CaDad on 2010-01-21 17:38:28

Kairan Ward To Emotional about child abuse?-I think not-one cannot be to vigilant about protecting children, especially from the likes of you!!!! Yes children can get curious-as parents we are to be on guard to teach them what is right and wrong- Ignoring wholesale grabbing and exploration is simply not parenting And I am not attacking adults in their sexual preference-just where in the heck did that come from? As you may be aware a new report just became public on the epidemic abuse of young males by females and female babysitters-what do you have to say about that?

Posted by sergent sunshine on 2010-01-21 21:33:23

man just chill who cares you are killing this message board. take it somewhere else please