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Babysitters Bathing Boys


Posted by tighty whitey on 2005-04-12 00:07:51

I am 14 y/o male, and I get babysat every Friday & Saturday night, as my parents both work in a club on weekends. My babysitter is only 15, but my parents know her family and they like her, so I have to put up with it. We watch TV in the living room and then around 9:00 she makes me take all my clothes off in my bedroom with the door open, and then walk to the bathroom totally naked. She has the bath water running, and I get into the tub and she washes me all over. We talk while she is washing me. After she washes my chest and my back and my face, she makes me get on all fours, and she washes and dries my hair. Then, she makes me stand up in the tub and she washes my behind, making me bend over with my bare a-ss in her face. She washes my crack good and makes me spread my cheeks apart so she can wash up inside my hole with a face-cloth. She grabs my sack with one hand and washes it with a face-cloth with her other hand. Sometimes she scrubs them kind of hard and it hurts and I cry a little, but she keeps doing it anyway, and tells me that they need to be cleaned good. Then she makes me turn around facing her, and she pulls my forskin back and holds my pe-nis with one hand, and scrubs my pe-nis head really hard with the wash-cloth in her other hand. My pe-nis really hurts and the tip gets red while she is doing that, and I usually cry, but she says it is important to get it really clean. It always gets hard when she is scrubbing it. Then, while it is hard, she grabs it with one hand and grabs my sack with the other, and squeezes my nuts while she rubs my pe-nis until it squirts. She says that it is good and healthy for me to have a release. She wipes up my c-u-m with the face-cloth afterwards. My pubes are coming in, and she washes them well, too.
She dries me off and then makes me stay naked for the rest of the evening while we have a snack and watch TV. She puts me to bed around 11 pm, but she puts my little white briefs on me, first.
It is embarrasing when I see her on the streets or in school, and I know she tells her girlfriends.

Posted by tighty whitey on 2005-05-27 00:14:41


Thanks for the advice, issore. I guess you are right when you say that I accept to be nude in front of the female babysitter who is 14, the same age as me. I spoke to my mom and she insists that the babysitter wash me in her own way, but she did tell the babysitter not to squeeze my balls so hard, and she has been more gentle when she is holding them. Lately she has been bringing her 12 year-old sister with her, and her sister is sitting there watching the whole thing, which is kind of embarrassing, as they live in my neighborhood. When I see her sister in the neighborhood I am embarrassed, knowing that she sees me with nothing on, and the other day she told me that she likes seeing me in the bare, which made my face red, as she said it in front of her girlfriends and they all giggled.

Posted by meug on 2005-12-02 01:36:46

You suck

Youra a horrible excuse for a male. I dont want to explain why.

Posted by meug on 2005-12-04 21:26:28


How do they deserve it? I think you miss typed something because u cannot mean that.

I agree with this guy sexyhoosh and I am a tad suspicis of the author of this thread.

Posted by meug on 2005-12-10 20:04:05

Its the person who posted on the first page.