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Babysitters Bathing Boys

My aunts daughter bathed me

Posted by Erik Gutt on 2006-01-13 09:48:11

I used to stay sometimes at my aunt when I was 13 years old. She had babysitted hundreds of boys in her life, and when I had to spend a week at her house a few times, she took advantage of the situation to teach her daughter to bath boys. She was going to teach her daughter to babysit boys. So when my aunt felt it was time for me to take my bath and put on my pajamas, she told her daughter to help me. I was 13, and she was only 11. I told I didn't need helping, but my aunt overruled me. The girl had me walk in front of her up to my room. "Take off your clothes !" she said, when I was in my room. I had to undress myself completely naked in front of her. Then she had me walk in front of her to the bathroom. This was up some stairs and down a long hallway, so she walked behind me and probably looked at my naked little bottom. In the bathroom she stood behind me as I brushed my teeth. Then she filled the bathtub with warm water and made me sit down in the tub. She only had me sit down while she washed my hair. Then I had to stand up, and she washed my front. "Arms hanging down by your sides," she barked and my arms obeyed. Then she turned me and washed my back and bottom. "Arms hanging down by your sides !" ... if my arms did not hang down by my sides, she gave me a good slap or two to my bottom and then my arms quickly hang down ! Then she dried me off and again I had to walk the long walk, naked, in front of her to my room. "Arms hanging down by your sides !" ... and my arms always obeyed ... I wasn't afraid of her, but my aunt had told me to obey her and she would spank me if I didn't obey the little girl. In my room she made me put on my pajamas. No underwear underneath and bare feet. Har aunt had her do this to me every evening, and finally I complained to my mom after my aunt once made the girl put me over her knees and spank me on my bare bottom once when I didn't obey. I felt awful having to submit to this little girl slapping a two year older boy on his bare bottom - mine ! Her little hand had no problem making it hurt, as my bottom was very small. Her aunt actually used me to experiment on, or as a tool of education in her quest of making her daughter as a professional babysitter of boys. Mom didn't know this and was very angry ! She went to see my aunt, and they ended up in a loud quarrel which unfortunately didn't turn out well for my mom ! My aunt was stronger than my mom and put her across her knees and gave my mom a sound spanking on her bare bottom ! Mom had to go home with a spanked bottom. Mom told me and my father what had happened and that my aunt was dangerous and I would never have to go to her again. My father was furious and wanted to go to my aunt and tell her off, but mom said no. "She will spank you too," she told him and my father blushed embarrassingly. I do actually believe my aunt would easily give my father the same spanking she gave my mom. My aunt was very intimidating and my poor father wouldn't stand a chance ... So we stayed away from them. At least I never had to go to them again and I was thankful for that ! I don't envy the boys her daughter would eventually start babysitting !

Posted by Robbie Poeschl on 2010-09-25 16:44:34

You are so lucky I wish I could of had the experience of a sexy 11 year old fondling my naked ten body

Posted by bigdog1959 on 2010-09-29 01:50:08

dont worry it din'nt happen to him either

Posted by otty on 2010-10-01 02:15:44

One babysitter always tried to make me hard and jerk me off while bathing me when I was 12. She was 17.