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Babysitters Bathing Boys


Posted by redcat on 2004-11-26 20:59:03

i was bathed by four different babysitters as i was growing up. i was an only child and my mom bathed me, so i realy didn't think much of it when the babysitters did it. i was bathed until i was almost 12, then supervised for a couple of years after that. a couple of the babysitters brought a friend sometimes.

Posted by JackP on 2005-07-04 04:01:58

I remember when I was a young boy; when I was bathed by the young sister of babysitter, I was embarrassed, because she was 13/14, just like me. I felt very humiliated when she washed between my legs; I started my puberty and I was ashamed!Sometimes, she commented about my first pubic hairs; and I had to be civil and smiling; it was horrible!

Yeah, I had the same thing. I was maybe 12, one of my last baths by a babysitter who was maybe older highschool and she brought her younger sister, same age as me. She had the younger sister give me a bath while she talked on the phone with a friend and watched and described it to her friend--omygosh was i embarrassed at first but it got to be a game. the sister washed my willie 2 or 3 times, under the forskin and all. then my butt, poking the washrag up inside a little. her older sister kept saying its not clean enough. the friend on the phone lived up the street and ended up coming over and all three girls gave me a bath all over. i got hard at the end and they thout that was pretty funny. the other one left befoe my parents came home and i was in my underwear so they never new.

Posted by rk0237 on 2006-05-29 19:09:57

bathed by babysitter

Wen I was 16, I broke both my wrists and was in a cast so I could not do much for myself. It was summer & my mom worked so my neighbor who was 15 would look in on me and get me what I needed. One day mom told her she should bathe me until she got home. She got her friend who was also 15 to help. This was very embarrassing.
If you want to hear more, let me know.

Posted by redbehind on 2006-06-20 18:05:09

I don't know what you boys are complaining about I am 13 and I would love an older girl or woman to bath me It might lead to other things.

Posted by sergent sunshine on 2008-11-07 02:12:32

are you kidding me! I would love to have a girl my age playing with my nuts! you got to be hard put to get a girl to do that normally! there is no way i would be embarrassed, I would die to have that happen, and i am 13, 14 in 2 months