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Babysitters Bathing Boys

Bathed by babysitter at 12

Posted by Nicholas F on 2006-10-01 09:49:04

Hi Linda,

Claire our babysitter bathed me up to the age of about 12½. It wasn't embarrassing or anything and yep, like you she mentioned my "cute little bottom" when I was bare. I think I sometimes blushed a little when she said this but at the same time I felt proud that she liked my bottom!! I hadn't matured sexually then and still had child-like genitals so none of this was a big deal. Also I know Claire wouldn't have found anything sexual at looking at a real skinny 12 year old like me when she had a 21 year old fairly strapping boyfriend!!


Posted by johnney on 2006-10-04 06:07:06

i wish you were my babysitter im a 16yr old boy and my step mom allows my babysitter also 16 to supervise my baths and spank me. i would obey you too at least you dont embaress boys

Posted by jeebus13 on 2006-10-05 20:41:39


i think male babysitters can bathe other males, no matter what the age (same parts) and females should be allowed to bathe boys who havent started puberty or who have barely started

Posted by Sophie_Ka on 2006-10-11 14:49:50

I'm sitting boys myself. Girls, too, by the way. The kids I babysit are aged 13 to 17. I'm 16 years old. For me there is no difference between bathing a 5 yo Boy or a 16 yo. I did this a lot of times now and there is nothing strange in it. When parents want their kids being taken care of its not important how old they are. Most of my boys just don't care. They do their gymnastics for example or go to the bathroom even when friends of mine (female) are visiting me. To be honest, I think if a boy needs a babysitter it cannot be too bad for him to be seen in underwear, pyjama or naked. They just don't care like smaller kids don't.

Posted by Linda 16 on 2007-01-02 00:19:37

"johnney," dear boy. I wouldn't mind babysitting you. I babysit other boys who are 16 years old. But I wouldn't need to bath you, would I ?

Most parents tell me to make sure the kids put on their pyjamas after their baths, and I would probably make sure you did that. But a big boy like yourself can bathe himself fine, and I would let you.

As for spanking the boys I'm babysitting, I have had to spank a few very difficult boys in the age 14-16. These boys are juvenile criminals and quite violent themselves. The 16 year old boy have even been to jail. When he became very aggressive once, I had to put him across my knees and I spanked the jelly soft seat of his jeans with my hand. He got so surprised he started to laugh and since that we have been friends and he obeys me fine now.

The other two boys I spanked were 14 and 15. They were just being unbelievable naughty and like the 16 year old, they got surprised with receiving a few hand smacks to the jelly soft seat of their trousers and they both immediately obeyed me after I was finished and have done so ever since.

But I don't like spanking boys. I'm actually very big and very powerful and the boys I'm babysitting are always smaller and weaker than myself. I have found that I can make boys obey me with my voice alone. So spanking teenage boys is extremely rare for me.