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Canada Vs. America

Completly off topic, but a great poll

Posted by taxi3 on 2005-02-08 21:59:34

Come and c the world's most pointless poll at http://www.misterpoll.com/2345394503.html Come on, I dare u!

Posted by Rhubix on 2005-11-14 01:50:16

George Bush

I'm a canadian from Newfoundland (east coast for thoes who havn't herd of it) and I was just currious what the american's reading this poll thought about having their country summed up with George Bush?

Posted by B3llaBambina on 2006-03-07 02:46:10


I am always complaining about how boring Canada is and to be homest in most places...it is.The only thing i dont like about America is the system of paying for health care and the prez and that. I it werent for all that I would definetely choose to live in America.America is the most dominant country on the planet. Toronto is soooooo ugly! I have many reasons. For one thing Lake Ontario is filled with sewage, so it is a total waste of a lake! My favorite state is Florida and not just for Disney n that. Well n e way that's my opinion.

Posted by rain_angel002 on 2006-07-13 00:22:20

Your post sounds a little biased. Canada is a beautiful country, and my city Vancouver was even voted as the third best place in the world to live in behind two European cities. I'm not saying that I don't like America because I actually love you guys, Canada's very lucky to have such a cool neighbour, but please don't go around calling our cities ugly.

Posted by john nikic on 2007-10-12 15:48:56

canada vs. america

I'm a canadian living on the beautiful west coast province of British Columbia. I've travelled the world and been to many parts of the U.S.A. In comparison, I honestly think that there is no comparison. With the canadian dollar at 1.02 U.S. , there will be more reason for canadians to travel south of the border. I have the feeling that canadians are not as welcome as they were 10 years ago. There is a growing sense of mistrust between the two countries. Being so close geographically, you would think that we would be closer friends, instead of talking behind each others backs. How many stereotypes are said of Canada, that are not true? Dogsleds, igloos, snow in July, eh? Canadian people are very peaceful, sharing, and proud. We don't base our lifestyle around our military, and find other ways to solve our problems. We are allies and always will be, but is that only because we are attached? I wonder what life would be like if our countries were on opposite sides of the planet. With all of our natural resources, it's actually a scary thought!!