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Canada Vs. America

Canada vs America

Posted by Montanaborn on 2007-02-05 17:44:12

I'm sorry, I thought this was a stupid poll. "Who has the smartest, friendliest, healthiest people" Whats that about? Why do we have to have a rivalry at all! I hate it. I'm American and am immigrating to Canada because I married a wonderful Canadian and can I just say that our countries cultures are the same! We're both industrialized, wealthy, Western cultures full of friendly, healthy, smart people with a good bit of mean, unhealthy, stupid people. Maybe I was raised in a minority but I was taught to be kind to everyone, to support my country not because its "best" but because its mine, to be patriotic but not fanatic, and to accept other cultures, colors, and people groups. There was never any "we're better than they are" in our house. Than I move to Canada and learn that "how to hate America" is practically a required class in school?! Come on... How am I supposed to raise decent kids in this...

Posted by MPC507165440 on 2007-10-26 20:40:15

the answer to that is simple...America looks at our simularities...and we look at the differeces because we are very different. We only have ONE country that borders us that we can compare ourselves to...and quite frankly, where i'm from, we HATE america cause they're $%!@y, trigger-happy, and quite ignorant when it comes to world issues outside their country. It's not that we're stuck up, even if Canada was across the world in Asia we'd still hate america, just like the rest of the world. we're not weird in not liking them, we're just like every other place in the world outside USA. And no...we don't want any american immigrants polluting our clean streets. STAY IN AMERICA were you belong! This is OUR country, and we're damn proud to be different than america.

Posted by MPC507165440 on 2007-10-26 20:41:18

it bleeped out "c-o-c-k-y" just to let you know i wasn't swearing

Posted by trouble/x2 on 2008-08-11 11:08:34

ya ya neither country is perfect. I am Canadian and understand why USA lacks knowledge of Canada. Canada does not effect USA greatly as USA effects Canada. The Canadian media informs Canadians of America in many ways, but in USA does not. Where does Canadian talent go to make it in the entertainment business USA also brain drain. It is easy to find a bunch of ignorant people ask them simple questions to get the result YOU want. I know many Americans who visit Canada, suprise me of their knowledge of Canada.

USA takes our great NHL players, and those players win the Stanley Cup for an American team that upsets me. The Stanley Cup belongs in Canada!