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Canada Vs. America

I am an American..

Posted by ForestL on 2004-10-02 02:01:21

I am an American-- who is now 56, so I have been around quite a while. I could not be more proud and happy to be an American-- I am the guy whose eyes tear up at visiting Gettysburg Battle Field--or Lexington or Pearl Harbor. Having said that... I grew up and still live in the far North of Minesota-- very near Canada. It is easier and quicker for us as Minnesotans-- to visit and shop, and have a fun week end-- in Winnepeg Manitoba than in 'far away' Minneapolis/St Paul! Canada is a great and beautiful country. I would never want to say one country is better/greater/finer than the other one-- but as an American who has travelled alot in both countries over almost 40 yrs-- both are extremely beautiful. As an American-- we are so fortunate to have a great neighbor like Canada!

Posted by AlanSwtOk on 2005-01-12 20:27:45

Canadians would remind you that they are "Americans". I live in the USA

Posted by Candiix on 2007-01-27 05:47:16

I am a 15 year old Canadian getting dual citizenship (dad was born in USA). Personally, I like both countries equally, completely love the weather in Hollywood (especially missing a week of snowstorms in Southern Ontario, where I live), but proud to say i'd Canadian. But downtown L.A is exactly like downtown Toronto so they're pretty much equal from what i've seen :)