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Canada Vs. America

Canada Rules!

Posted by winter2006 on 2007-07-19 12:18:26

Their is no way America has better athletes than Canada. Just for the sake of it I'm 1/2 American and 1/2 Canadian so I dont have a bias say on this. Canada has around 32 million people compared to America's 250-300 million. Yet somehow Canada manages to compete with U.S and sometimes even beat them. In the NHL there are more Canadians than every other race put together (Hockey is Canada's National Sport). However, when I think of American Nation Sports i think of Baseball and Football (Basketball will be one soon) but what do you notice about baseball and football? When you watch them on TV, they are both the slowest sports in the world.(Well one of them second slowest) My point is that after one play you see a replay about 5 times before the play continues. Not only does this give the American's time to catch there breath. But it makes sure that all the American's at bars won't miss a play while they eat their 5 cheeseburgers. Then they wonder why the obesity rate is going up.

Posted by MPC2201750029 on 2007-11-06 01:38:06

I have to actually agree, like canada has now 33 million people and its kind of funny that we can still compiete eith our neighbours.