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Perversion by any other name smells so rank!

Posted by proud confederate on 2005-10-04 13:29:14

Homosexuality is a perversion.It stands nature itself on its head.A magnet is attracted to its polar opposite.Nature-God-provided a method for the species to procreate and replenish the Earth.The system requires sperm and ova.I am reminded of a poem penned by the English poet,Tennyson.I cannot immediately recall the title.It says in pertinent part,"There is a sin too ugly to look upon its face:That first we pity,then condone,and then embrace".It is taboo to every major religion.Ther is no evidence that perversion of any stripe is genetic in origin.The perversion of sodomy is particularly hard to explain in these term,as all practitioners of this travesty of nature are offspring of a man AND a woman.The argument that it must not be a choice,because nobody would choose such an unpopular lifestyle,is very spurious.The same argument could be used by apologists to justify the pedophile.Who would choose such an unpopular perversion?Wallowing in degradation is a choice!

Posted by shaun h on 2012-10-04 17:07:00

I guess from your choice of user name, ("proud confederate"), you'd supprt the enslavement of every Negro in the States, so that just shows how dumb you are. Being homosexual ain't a choice, it's how you're born, so get down off your pulpit and come into the real world! I'm bisexual, and over the last few years I've put up with a load of crap from bigots like yourself. Now, if anyone tells me that I'm a "sinner", I just laugh at them and tell them that Jesus never judged anyone, but accepted all people for who and what they were. Like it says in the Bible, "let him who has never sinned throw the first stone". Wake up and smell the coffee dude!