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the reality of homosexuals

Posted by new rising sun on 2005-05-15 09:20:05

from a non-biased view point,humans were meant to reproduce,and that can only be done with one male and one female.homosexuality is a genetic defect like many other defects that humans have.I find it difficult that so many people think its a "choice". I dont hate gay people,but I hate it when they march down the street sticking it in my face.they dont deserve more rights than anyone else,we should all have the same rights. And gays probably wouldnt be discriminated against if they didnt draw attention to it.just live your life and quit making a big deal out of it.Someday scientist will figure out a way to fix the genetic problem...hopefully. And if everyone was gay the human race was die off.

Posted by chucksmom on 2005-05-16 13:28:45

You sound just like the people who complained about blacks on TV in the 60's and 70's.

"Why do we have these black people on TV? Do you want everybody to be black?"

And if the only reason you think you are here is to reproduce, then go ahead a reproduce. No one is stopping you..

Besides, gays are such a small percentage of the world, I'm sure a the world will keep overproducing humans for a long time...

Posted by espoir66 on 2008-12-07 17:52:01

I think,new rising sun, that your position isn't enough qualified, In the present state of human sciences, all that can be ascertained is that only in a few cases there is a genetic factor involved. Researchers are rather suggesting that this anomaly of the personality could be caused by a failure of the relation with the father and the mother in the family. It's certainly not a "choice". Sure, homosexuals don't deserve more rights than anyone else, but have the right, like any other citizens, to protest and make demonstrations down the streets and " sticking it to your face" when their human rights are denied or trampled down. It's too simplistic an attitude to advise them to keep quiet, not to draw attention to it and wait for scientists to come and fix the genetic problem. Let us not forget that homosexuality is not only a genetic problem, but it's in essence a cultural and societal problem. I started understanding it when I found out in myself by introspection some pent-up homoerotic feelings and moreover when I realize that some of my dearest collegues were active and practising homosexuals. A true lesson, like a slap on the face or a cold shower on your body.