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an interesting reason

Posted by plywood on 2004-10-27 06:25:08

A friend of mine used to do Genetics in La Jolla, and in some of the work his lab did, they found homosexuality to be somewhat of a population control.

It seems perfect to me, actually! Think about it like this: As people who are gay are a smaller percentage of the population, they would tend to move toward where larger concentrations of people exist to find a partner-they would have a better chance there. Dan Savage wrote an article one time about dating and being gay-in it he talked about having to move out of your small town to have any chance of dating... and when I put that together with what my friend's lab had already found… there it is. Instant popuation control. It makes sense, then, as to why nature would turn the switch and choose gay- I can think of quite a few, especially after an episode of Springer! Jeeze!

But abnormal? No, actually, with all the pollution, waste, and overpopulation on this planet right now, I believe homosexuals are heaven-sent! :)

Posted by smart alec on 2008-03-12 22:21:45

Yes , but look at the perverse effects. The great Greek civilization was conquered and reduced to insignificance as a consequence of a lack of reproduction or the renewal of its population (oliganthropy). I am not ready to admit there is a genetic defect at the source of homosexuality confirming the innate character of this behaviour. But, I suspect intuitively there is something organic or hereditary within a family that predisposes to homosexuality.The determining factor, according to most of the specialists, seems to be an anomaly of the relation with both parents such as an absent father or a possessive and abusive mother (acquired character). As a Catholic, I can't approve the homosexual acts because they are intrinsically disordered " actus homosexualitatis suapte intinseca natura esse inordinatos",are contrary to natural law and don't come from an affective and sexual complementarity. However, that doesn't prevent me to respect and love the homosexual person and not to to judge him or her, especially when you feel some homosexual tendencies in you and you don't repress them but "sublimate" them by a disinterested friendship, prayer and sacramental grace.

Posted by espoir66 on 2008-06-06 16:45:28

Indeed, what struck me me the most in the behaviour of the majority of homosexual persons that I know of is their moral loneliness, the withdrawal in themselves (confining sometimes on closeness of mind) and the constant reference to their blood group ( clientelism). Gay men tend to have few friends, to close themseves off from others "in a clan of persons of the same type", to resent the claims on their time by the others, to support and favour other gay men in their business or activities (favouritism or patronage) and to deal with authority predominantly as a matter of seduction and rejection. These aren't genetic features but cultural ones. In my sense, the gay person has not reached a sufficient affective and sexual maturity coherent with his masculine or her feminine sexual identity. We don't have to blame or despise them but, on the contrary, to love them as brothers and sisters of the same Father. We are all in search of happiness and the fulfilment of ourselves.

Posted by totoro on 2008-06-07 18:10:46

None of this, of course is proven by science as far as I know. I am very openly gay, have a diverse group of friends, a very supportive family, a great job with a huge client base who pretty much all know that I'm gay, and despite certain difficulties, am quite happy with life. Most of my friends are straight, but all of my many gay friends that have talked about this are sure they were born that way. So much for stereotypes.

I erased my origional post because I was quite nasty in my last paragraphs. As much as I am offended by homophobia/anti gay attitudes, I should probably try to turn negatives into positives instead of just snapping back with anger. A few recent events have definitely changed the way I have been looking at things.

Posted by espoir66 on 2008-06-25 16:21:40

I will not reply to your malicious and libelous innuendos. I would simply incite you to read my posts carefully and accurately. You will realize that I got during my teen years a short pants fetish with homoerotic and sexual overtones. I am still trying, over60. to deal with it as honestly as I can. Yes, I underwent a long and and costly therapy at about 30 ( 35 years ago) and since then, I have learned to sublimate and integrate (not repress) my latent homosexual drives. You are even insinuating from the reading of some of my posts that I could be a pedophile or an ephebophile (..."your fantasies... involve underage boys and very serious issues with repressed sexuality and control") The onus of the proof rests with you, sir. Could you find some of my posts that could even suggest it? I have never felt during my whole life such urges and outlets. By the way, I am well acquainted with the gay community and I consider that they are in general very nice and law-abiding citizens and my phenomenological remarks didn't intend to depreciate them but to bring to the fore, without pretension, some of their shortcomings. I never spread untruths about the gay people, neither am I a closet gay, a restroom stroller or a gay-basher. You are requesting scientific proofs that could have substantiated my obsevations. You know too well that it's impossible. We are here in the realm of the human sciences not of the exact sciences. Therefore, I can't understand why you are so sour grapes. It was so obvious to me.

P.S. I would like to congratulate "smart alec" for his post . He seems very cognizant of the Ancient Greece, of the most recent researches on homosexuality. I presume that he is a Catholic because he quotes in Latin some extracts from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Super!