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Evolution: Theory or Fact?

About theories and facts

Posted by Poller4444 on 2004-08-27 23:22:54

A fact is something that has been observed. For example, when you let go of a book, it falls. Or, say, that many species have similar bone structures, that the amount of shared DNA between species is remarkable, that a different group of organsims inhabited the earth millions of years ago, or any other observable evidence for evolution. A theory is an explanation for a group of facts, like that there is a force called gravity that pulled the book down, or the theory of evolution. By definition, a theory cannot be proven, only supported by facts that go along with it, or disproved by facts that counter it. As soon as someone shows me a fact that disproves evolution, I'll go along with it. But until then, it is the best explanation for all the observable facts.

Posted by xbplayer234 on 2005-08-18 04:21:47

Observing will not be enough to see that evolution is real...besides the fact of about adaptations to something...but you can not honestly say that a whale came from a wolf...where is the proof in that? It's the same with man coming from ape...what evidence do u honestly have to support that we humans came from ape, and dont give me the BS about how similar our physical features are...thats just nothing more than hard core BS

Posted by Pagan_n_Proud on 2005-09-08 01:23:58

Please, your whale and wolf analogy has doesn't even make sense.

No wonder you have problems with science, it doesn't look like you even understand the concept.