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Evolution: Theory or Fact?

It's a pity...

Posted by chris86 on 2004-10-24 21:45:02

I regret not having found these message boards sooner...I would correct many a "fact" about the Bible that is written. As it is, I have to do it all here.

"7 Days!" (Creepy voice from "The Ring")

Genesis says that God created the earth and all that is in it in SIX days and rested on the seventh (not that he was tired, he was just setting an example for humans), but that is trivial. The point is, regardless of whether or not it was six days, months, years, millenia, or ages, there were STAGES to create what we know as earth. I don't think there is an answer to this question other than acceptance of the idea that days should be interpreted as stages. Secondly, those stages fit perfectly together. Someone earlier on said God created plants before light, which wouldn't make sense. You're right...that doesn't make sense, which is why God created Light first, then separated Light from Darkness in the first "day". (Look to Genesis 1:3.

"Evolution is Scientifically accurate"

Actually, that is debatable, which is why it is a theory. People are arguing their belief in Evolution as if it were fact, then stating in the same breath that Evolution is a theory. Everyone should read theory with a grain of salt. One should think "Yeah, Darwin wsa pretty good at LOGIC, but he may miss the point because, after all, EONS have passed since the beginning of earth and Darwin's time, not to mention modern evolutionists, so it is possible he is missing something. That somethign could be God. Not trying to force you to believe, I'm just planting the seed. If you want non-ranting, down-to-earth explanations and reasoning on Christianity and evolution, look up a Christian publication called "Back to Genesis". It is by Christian scientists who go point by point down evolutionist arguments and showing why those "facts" don't conform to evolution but to creationism.


What a phrase. Almost everyone uses it or has used it at some point. Someone argued that Christians reject science (which I never do--I think science is subjective in some instances, but overall, it can be interpreted differently), which is how Christians come to creationism. They went on to say that Christians should then stop using technology because it was based on science, i.e. live like the Amish. Although there is nothing wrong with the unique Amish culture, I would rather live life in this century. But if I must give up technology to live a more godly lifestyle, then I will, although that is not God's intent for most of us. To turn the tables, why do atheists or evolutionists, in times of fear or anxiety, utter the Lord's name? "Oh my God," who are you talking to? Admittedly, you are not consciously trying to make a connection with the Father, you just say it, but you are saying it nonetheless. Would you not be more accurate to say, "Oh my indescribable, unprovable cosmic chaos that evolved into the universe"? I don't think so. Kind of a silly point, but I rather like it.

"Those crazy fundamentalists!"

Someone said that no one takes the bible literally. Well, I do. In fact, I am constantly amazed by how often the bible is relevant to current issues and topics. Admittedly, some of these biblical instances are merely a predecessor to the universal human plight, so issues such as sexual morality and stealing are relevant today simply because humans are still the same. But in a lot of points the bible is still surprisingly relevant as the times change. None spring to mind, except general instances when I pass over a passage and think, "Wow! This is so cool 'cuz it is applicable to today!" I will try to remember some to post later. The previous poster also said we would have to correlate the Old Testament with the New Testament. Actually, no. We don't. The reason is Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of the Old Testament. The Old Testament was created since the fall of Man separated men from God, there had to be specific "hoops to jump through" before men could be worthy to seek God. With the coming of Christ, however, the laws of the Old Testament were fulfilled and became irrelevant. Thus came the New Testament, the belief that men no longer need live by the law but by the Grace of God. Through His mercy and compassion in Jesus Christ, we can now commune with God whenever we seek Him. We keep the Old Testament to help us better understand the basis of the New Testament and the founding religion of Christianity (Judaism). The Old Testament also has some good principles (Ten Commandments, Proverbs, Psalms), but if you break any of them, then it is okay, God will forgive you if you admit your sin and ask for forgiveness. This is kind of a complex thought process, but certainly not beyond the bounds of understanding of anyone who understands Christianity.


What the heck? What is that? Is the person who wrote "xtians" denying the concept of Christ? You are free to believe in Christ or not, but don't infringe upon our right to believe in Christ and our dedication to Him. In that, we are called Christians. I still say Buddhist, even if I firmly believe that the followers of buddhist are secretive and repressive of many people in their culture (feel free to research that little tidbit). You sound pretty intolerant if you refuse to say "christian" or even "christmas". On the Christmas note, I do not want to see posts arguing why Christmas is a pagan holiday...I've heard it all before and I accept that Christ may have been born around the time of a pagan festival, but that does not mean my celebration of His birth is paganistic or even deriving from paganism.

I know in some parts of this post I digress TOO much, but I think all parts are relevant. Thank you for wading through all of my comments and I hope you are enlightened by researching some of the ideas that are new to you (Bad Buddhists...it's true.)

Posted by chucksmom on 2004-11-04 18:43:11


========== In Reply To ========== Evolution is a scientific theory, which is constantly revised according to new information. Creationism is a belief system (which you can choose to believe if you want), but don't use the public school system to spread your ideas about god. It seems funny you need the public schools to help support what should be taught in your church.

Also, if you want to live in this century, and not like the Amish, then you'll need to look at the hyopcrisy of using every single modern convenience provided by SCIENCE, yet re-jecting on the basis of "belief" only ONE part of it, the theory of evolution.

Also the use of xtian is not meant to be offending: from the web, "The abbreviation of Xmas for Christmas is not irreligious. The first letter of the word Christ in Greek is chi, which is identical to our X. Xmas was originally an ecclesiastical abbre-viation that was used in tables and charts. (In the early days of printing, when font sizes were limited and type was set by hand, abbre-viations and ditto marks were used liberally.) Xmas came into general use from the church!" I had to study Greek and Latin for my bible study-did YOU?

Last but not least, the theory of evolution is not incompatible in ANY WAY with being a xtian, jew, buddhist, muslim or anything else.

It IS incompatible with fundamentalism, which requires giving up your critical thinking skills, common sense, and believing everyone else is going to hell (because you're special). The arrogance, hatred and zealotry shown by fundie xtians in this country, is a perfect example.

Posted by macro on 2005-01-13 06:40:55

Yeah, using X is very common in abbreviations. It has nothing to do with denying anything. I didn't need to do bible-study to know that.