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How are your teenage sons allowed to dress in the summer?

my house

Posted by DAREN on 2004-09-15 18:27:58

im 13, my parents require boys to be naked at home and insist on barefeet all the time indoors and outside. my uncle has same rules for his sons.

Posted by MickeyD on 2004-11-19 17:26:18

Im 13 too. my mom makes me be in my underpants a lot in the house cuz she says i get too messy and wreck my clothes if i dont.

Posted by hgghfg on 2004-12-06 01:19:33

I have to be naked to, I am 14 and havn't hit puberty yet. I have no hair. I have to benaked as soon as I enter the door and ocationally on longer car rides.

Posted by dippinskinny on 2005-05-26 05:55:38

Be happy you have top be naked at home. SO many people wish they could, enjoy it .

Posted by Donald Dumpsfiels on 2006-01-16 22:27:20

How are your teenage sons allowed to dress etc

When we go to the shore I require them to dress only in girl's stuff. There are girls who think they can convert gays and when those girls see my sons they decide the boys need to be shown how nice girls are and the boys get all of the xxx from the girls. Usually my sons wear white linen blouses, plaid skirts that are knee length, and saddle shoes. No undies.