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The Pink Floyd Poll

why compare¿?¿

Posted by http://hometown.aol.com/thepinkfloyd/ on 1999-12-31 22:18:35

why all this rubbish argueing over which is better?they all have obviously done or are doing something correct because they had millions of fans with waters and still have many millions of loyal fans today.i mean gilmour and the others had devoted practically as much of their lives to the band as waters did which is considered to be their profession.so since waters decided he was through with floyd the other three should just give up the one thing they have devoted practically their entire lives to.the contributions the three other members gave is immense and to say anything would have sounded the same w/out gilmours talent on the guitar or wrights genius on the keyboards is sad and hard to understand.also to say floyd isnt the floyd they use to be is a very true statement and one they have always been happy to acknowledge as they were very proud that they could go in many different directions with different albums and still be successful.i saw roger twice this summer and enjoy all his solo acomplishments as well.he is truly a brilliant visionary and a wonderful performer and is always evolving into something new.having said that i also believe that the floyd of now are still doing the songs their fans of yesteryear remember so well and turning out music that is equally as good but in yet another style change that they are famous for through the years.i cannot say that either sound as good singing their classics seperated but i enjoy their solo performances equally well and would enjoy seeing either of them again seperated or together.having said all that i would also like to say that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion thats the great thing about individuality as i im only stating my opinion on a rather overemphasised subject.in closing remember "dont let others opinions be the foundation for your beliefs, use your own mind a little".............