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The Pink Floyd Poll

The Greatest Band there ever was and ever will be

Posted by Ryan Coates on 1999-12-02 01:53:15

Hey there everybody!!!!!

I'm not sure exactly what I can say about Pink Floyd. To give you a perspective on how huge of a fan I am, I have the Dark Side prism painted on my wall - eight feet by three feet. Pink Floyd has influenced my life in a way that nothing else will ever be able to for as long as I live. These four gentlemen should be bowed down to...they are geniuses unparalleled. The work they have done as a group AND as individuals is enough to leave anyone with any sort of musical taste $%!@ing their pants. If you just get right down to it...think about every album made by these wonderful men. EVERY SINGLE ALBUM is different...no two albums are even remotely alike...do you have any idea how impossible it is to write that much music and never repeat even a single idea? It's astronomical. The proud owner of every single album, I listen to them every single minute i possibly can. I could go on forever, but then no one would read it. E mail me if you want to talk Floyd!!!!!