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men with girly hair

like it

Posted by cammie on 2005-09-07 13:59:29

My husband and now both of our young sons love the longer hair styles and wear them like girls styles and we all now prefer it over the boring short men and boys styles.

Posted by Pan SY on 2005-09-08 18:18:13

My ex husband had very long hair and both of our young sons wanted hair like daddy's to. I now have their long hair cut styled and layered in long girly styles which they and I just love. They act much better no that they want everyone to assume that they are girls and we have a great time with it.

Posted by jaimiehurst on 2006-01-20 15:25:47

I am a married man in my late forties and I have worn my hair long and styled since I was 8 years old. I had to older sisters and one younger sister, (one year younger). When I was about 6-7 mom would always give my 2 older sisters perms every 4 or 5 months. I would always sit and watch her doing them and tell her that I wanted long curlies to. After about two years of watching her doing them she said maybe we should let my hair grow for a while and maybe try it in a few months. My hair was already much longer then I usually had it and was already 4-5 inches at the back, so the next time she gave my 2 older sisters a perm was about 5-6 months later and it was growing really fast. It was arround 8 inches long at the neck and I told mom I was ready for a perm when she was doing my 2 older sisters. She said fine and she was going to do both my hair and my one year younger sisters hair the next day. My little sister had never had one done before either so I eagerly awaited the next day which happened to be a Friday, when I got home from school she had the perm and rods waiting in the kitchen and she layered up my hair a little and gave me the perm. It was one of those little girl perms a lilt or Toni I don't remember which but I was happy. After what seemed like a very long time she completed the rinse and it came out a very curly long mass of curls. She decided that she too was going to set the hair in curlers along with my sisters and we spent the entire evening in the small curlers waiting for the final styling late at night. It came out one very curly beautifull full curls and tight waves (very girlish) but I just loved it. Although I was somewhat hesitent about going out in public the next day, mostly worried about being teased by the other kids in my neighborhood or at school, I wanted the curly look and just decided that I was going to keep it that way without Mom offering to tame it down some with some combing and styling. I was ridiculed by all of the boys in the neighborhood and some of the girls, but most of the girls really said they liked it and thought it looked nice on me and said I should keep it curly. Some of the girls asked me if I was really a girl, because I really looked like one with the long curly hair. I enjoyed it and whenever I had to go out with Mom or the family everyone just assumed I was a girl. We went to a store that weekend with Mom and the lady at the store said what a lovely and polite batch of young girls she had. My sisters just giggled at me but no one said anything. The first day back at school was really tough but after the first couple of days, no one really said much except the occasional being called Girl or girly boy. Mom always set my 2 older sisters hair in curlers on Saturday Nite so they would have nice hair for church on Sunday, Now she set all 4 of our hair every Saturday nite and we slept in curlers. Mom started paying even much more attention to my hair and started setting it 2 or 3 times each week and I had to sleep in curlers almost every other night but my sisters only got theirs set on Saturdays. Occasionally Mom even took me with her when she went to get her own hair done at her beauticians and after the first couple of visits there with her she even got her stylist to trim shape and set my own hair in very girlish stylish ways. I was somewhat embarressed of being set at the beauty shop in public but most just thought I was a little girl and about the only comment was why wasn't I dressed up in more stylish clothing instead of my jeans and t-shirt or shorts. Arround a year latter Mom came home from a visit one day and found my 3 sisters had me all dressed up in a cute little dress and frilly panties and such. She was shocked but thought I looked so cute she had to go get her camera and take a few pictures of her 4 girls. Several days latter I told her that I wanted to dress more like a girl. Everyone was always asumming I was a girl, whay couldn't I wear dressed and skirts like my sisters. She was a little bit shocked but finally agreed to let me wear some of my older sisters items they had outgrown and decided that it would be easier on the clothing budget but said she would still pick me up some new items to. The next week she bought me several new dresses, panties, a skirt blouses and girls t-shirts and shoes, along with a cute silky blue pair of pjs and a pink nighty. I loved the clothing and soon wore nothing of my old items at all. Mom spent even much more attention to upkeeing my hair since I was now dressing as a little girl I had to look the part at all times. Dad was somewhat concerned about all of this but assured me that if I wanted to be like a girl it would be all right and I was just thrilled with it. I wore girls jeans, slacks, tops all through school and hardly anyone every gave me any grief over it. I have worn my hair long to med long my whole life and today my wife still occasionally sets my hair for me and colers it for me on a regular basis. We have a son and a daughter and my son has worn his hair long most of the time and has experimented in both clothing options but now usually just wears long hair and guys clothing but still prefers panties and girls jeans. He is now 19 and has a fine young girlfriend who he plans on marrying after college and we are one great loving and close family. Long hair and being a feminate man has been great for me and I think everyone should be free to do whatever they might prefer.

Posted by pennysue on 2007-03-28 14:34:44

I agree with these guys completley, Many more guys should get their hair done in nice long styles and pay more attention to how they look. There is nothing better looking then a nice looking guy with long styled hair and young boys look great in curls and longer girls styles too. You guys should all go for it, I know a lot of guys would love to but are affraid of the comments.

Posted by shalila on 2008-09-02 12:54:48

hair is such wonderfull stuff. why people cut it at all is beyond me but if you're going to cut it ,why not try some[or all] of the beautifull styles that women wear.we're not in the dark ages after all. it seams that women like it too so come on guys!!!