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men with girly hair

like it

Posted by yoshiki on 2005-04-26 23:50:31

It's pretty addictive. I started out like you and have now graduated to the wonderful world of gowns and dresses. My girlfriend helped with makeup at first but now I can do it myself.

My hair is half way down my back and I have dyed it blonde. She helped me get my weight down to 140 so I can pass pretty well in public. The trouble is getting hit on by guys when we are out together dressed in similar outfits.

Hard to believe it started out with her playing around with my long hair but I am loving it.

Can send pics if it will help you on your journey.


Posted by pennysue on 2005-05-03 15:31:36

My husband loves it now, he completely dresses and looks like a woman all of the time, first was my request and demand, now we even have our sons dress as girls and all lokk very feminte. he loves loking so feminate that he even went for implants and now passes as a women all of the time without question. I love his long styled hair and looks.

Posted by jessiej on 2005-05-05 19:47:52

My husband loves his girly hair. At first i started out cutting womanish bangs and putting it in long braids or Pigtails with ribbons, then putting it in long curls. then he had it frosted, tried red and went back to bleached blonde. he just loves going to the stylist and having it done and wears it like a womans all of the time. Although he too started with the long hair and me dressing him up as a little girl for me and now he wears womans clothing and dresses as a women all of the time. He now takes hormones and looks more like a women then many women do. We both are enjoying it and are happy with the way things have turned out. Before we fought and were ready to split up, now we are a loving, happy couple and are best friends.

Posted by melissamy on 2005-05-06 04:36:04

Boy am I glad I came accross this poll. I too love having beautifull hair like a womans and I am married to a wonderfull woman. We have been married for arround 3 years now and about a year ago we went to my moms house to visit her for a weekend and my mom showed my wife some pictures of me when I was little dressed like a girl. When I was 2 and 3 Mom would occasionally dress me up and had pictures to remeber it by. But the worst part was, I didn't tell my wife that the summer I was 8, my mother made me dress like a girl for the entire summer. Mom would often threaten to make a girl out of me if I didn't behave better or did not start to behave better in School. I thought she was just threatening me, but she meant it. The day after school was out she took me into the kitchen and cut my relatively long hair all one length and gave me a little girls permanent. It was horrifying. it was all one mass of curls and ringlets and I lokked like Annie when she was done. Then she took me into my room and had a girls outfit all laid out for me to wear. I had to wear girls stuff for the entire summer, Most of the time dresses or skirts and she always made sure they were short enough so everyone could she me wearing pink panties or frilly white lacey ones. Sometimes I would wear shorts or girls pants and tops but they were always very girlish or pink. Everywhere we went that summer I had to dress as a girl and I was the laughing stock of the neighborhood. They called me Annie or worse. We went to Canada for Vacation that year and evryone that did not know me just assumed that I was a girl and it was horrifying. My older sister Thought it was just great and said she always wanted a little sister, my Dad said I deserved it and should have listened to MOM. After several weeks I just got ACCUSTOMED to getting up and getting dressed and going out as a girl and it was not really that bad after a while and I actually started liking the hair and the girlish silky underwear, nighties and was affraid to let anyone that I actually was liking them. Mom always took plenty of pictures so she could use them against me in the future to make me behave better and do better in school and obey them. After 5 weeks, no one hardly bothered me about it anymore and most of the kids I was friends with before still usually played with me or accepted me, but I was treated like a girl and I enjoyed it. At the end of summer Mom was going to give me a haircut and buzz off all of the curls and give me my boys clothing back along with some new ones. I cried and told her I wanted to keep the curls and loved dressing up as a girl and wanted to keep the underwear and nighties too. She was stunned and shocked. She finally agreed to leave some of the hair but when she was done, most of the curls were on the floor and I cried, she took me into my room and removed all of the girls stuff and replaced it with boys stuff, except for some panties and 2 nighties. A few days later she tried to take them away but she let me keep them for awhile then and I wore the girls panties as much as I could and slept in the nightie for months afterward. By the end of the year she finally took the nighties and panties away and I was sad and cried alot. she said it was a mistake for what she did and I had to wear boys stuff. I didn't like it and stole some of my sisters, who was 2 years older then me, underwear and wore them when ever I could. Mom knew and later she just left some in my drawer for me to wear after each wash. She Told my wife all about this and had pictures of me in all types of outfits and curly hair. I was humilialted in front of my wife and felt uncomfortable. When we got home my wife told me not to worry about it and it should not bother me that I enjoyed it, she understood and thought it was allright that I liked it. The very next weekend, she asked me to step out into the Kitchen she had something she wanted to show me. There she had a permanent, comb and shears and said she wanted to give me a trim and a perm. I was really shocked by her offering and she really insisted that we go through with it, if I wanted to. I was hesitent but i really wanted her to do it, so I agreed, my hair was about 4-5" long in the back and she trimed it up and evened it up and gave me a permanent. She was always good with hair and at one time wanted to be a beautician, but went into computers instead but she was really good with hair. It came out really great looking. Nothing like a man perm at all, but nice full soft curls and very much like I had hoped it would be. It looked like I had just gone and had my hair done at a saloon like any woman would have had it done. I loved it but was somewhat hesitent about going out at first but I really wanted it so we both enjoyed it and I continue to wear it the same eversince. After she was done with the hair she took me into the bedroom and had some underwear and a silky nightgown very similar to the one she wears ready for me and I was both shocked and delighted that she wanted me to wear them. We both enjoy it very much and I wear panties all of the time now. i get dressed up with her often and she just loves it. I wear girls jeans a lot. Sometimes slacks and blouses out in public and occasionally a skirt. But many time we just dress up together and have a great time on the weekends. I am loving it and thank God for giving me such a fantastic wife. I now have an album of me when I was 2 & 3 and then 8, plus many pictures of me dressed up now. My Mom and sister know about it and both think it is great and many of our friends compliment me on my hair and looks. We both love it and it has been just great. If their are other guys out there who would like to try it I suggest You go for it, for life is too short to just dream about it. thanks Michael, sometimes I go by Mikki

Posted by Mr777 on 2005-06-09 17:10:19

I too am a man who wears his hair in feminate styles. It was done first at my wifes direction and command after she found out that I occassionally tried dressing up in some of her clothing when she was away. One day she figured out that I was going through her things and wearing them. She insisted that I let her take controll of my hair styling and said that if I did not agree, she would let everyone know that I liked to wear her clothing in private. I was scared to death at first, what she might do, but agreed to her taking controll of my then shoulder lenght hair. First she was pretty easy on it with just some styling and shaping, occasionally seting it and using electric rollers on it. Then she started layering it and perming it and lightening it. For a while she would style it so it would flip or curl on the bottom and insisted that I wear it in Public that way. I was upset at first but enjoyed her playing with it and really ended up secretly enjoying her doing it. Later she dyed it Blonde and styled it fully wavy and curly and I wore it that way for years. Many times I was mistaken for a women at stores or checkouts because of my long midback lenght curly blonde hair. I ended up really liking womens styles very much and have continued to wear it long styled and Blonde. That has been going on for over 14 years now. After the first year or so she started making me dress up for her as a women at home and she told me I was going to be her sissy. I many times wear both mens and womens clothing now out in Public and really do prefer the womens styles over the mens. We often go out together and on trips now totally dressed up as women and enjoy it very much. She now does my hair, nails, eyebrows and lite makeup and I now even wear womens clothing to work most of the time. Some of my co workers ridicule me about it some but I do not let it bother me much anymore, I really do prefer it now and wouldn't want it any other way. Our 12 year old son has long wavy hair with a ponytail about 20" long and he too loves his long hair and does not want it cut. My wife buys him both guys and girls clothing and he wears them both, but he will only wear a real girly outfit if he is out with his mom. I think it should not matter that much, if women can wear what they choose, so should men have a choice. I have worn a skirt out in Public but usually prefer slacks and tops, but definetly would like to wear a dress or skirt more often when out. I plan on trying to do it more often in the future. I enjoy looking very feminate and thank my wife for helping me.