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men with girly hair

like it

Posted by on 2004-06-14 16:29:22

My boyfriend who i have lived with for 10 months and we are getting married next spring always wears his hair long and loves for me to style and play with his hair. i have often done fancy upswept curls and high styles like they used to do in the old weddings and proms and have a picture collection of his hair in the many different styles and curlers that I have used on it. He loves it and we have a great time doing his hair on a weekend and end up in bed with him in fancy styles and leads to great foreplay. He does not let anyone else see our pictures but i think they are cute. i have tried to get him to go out in public with some of the styles but he will not go outside with the extravagant ones. He has gone out with me recently with his hair freshly set and styled with a long curly look or lightly teased and curls cascading down his back. We often get a lot of looks, but we also get many compliments from the women and my own friends about how great his hair looks. I have talked to him about having some blond streaks added to it and highlights but he hasn't yet agreed. He does like it when I french braid it and likes it when my own hair which is just barely long enough to french braid is styled similar, but my own hair is about 6 inches shorter than his. He does not regularly dress up as a women, although he did for a Haloween party and he was the hit of the night. He has tried on my panties at my request but that was only in our own bedroom. We have talked about a hair style for the wedding, it is down to both in french braids or my preference both full cascading curls down our back, but he has not yet agreed on that. I also suggested we get matching full layered curly styles but he would have to have quite a bit cut off to match mine but he says he would like to have matching styles. We love his long styles and think men should have as many choices as women when it comes to hair.

Posted by acj on 2005-02-18 00:26:22

men's curls or perms

I like guys willing to try new things I've had mine permed and styled colored and set and think its great I have to admit I felt self concious on the first perm. how big were the rods, what was the solution kike, how did i lok in curlers (so so) what if someone saw me. I saw an overloaded electrical box and thot FIRE me in cape and curlers in the parking lot. Later sitting under the dryer another"cool" experience I caught the eye of a male stylist with a very feminine cut and set. made me feel ok. Do I want to dress up, No, be a woman, No, wear my hair in curlers when I want (especially sleeping) YES sometimes I don't even care what the result is just to have it in curlers again. archer

Posted by acj on 2005-02-18 00:53:05

G I perm

I saw a GI friend the other day hair high and tight on sides and back, but permed on top only 3-4 incles but permed. i asked him about it without drooling in front of him. (very sexy) yes he had it permed while on leave still fit military regulations I think it should be standard issue a battalion of men with perm rods out marching in formation don;t have to worry about don.t ask don't tell. Archer

Posted by acj on 2005-02-20 05:47:51

Have you and your boyfriend considered along with matching hairstyles ( i like the long curls myself) that you also dress alike since He won't come out in a gown then both of you in tuxes, black and white, then switch colors for reception and on honeymoon rent him a wedding gown and do his hair up for your photo collection! don't forget the jewelry.

Posted by jass2 on 2005-03-12 05:55:30

I love to have my wife style and curl my hair for me. I've worn womens panties for years and always admired womens long hair, she suggested that i let it grow and she cuts it and styles it for me. I regularly have her set it for me and we both go out with curly styles. Many nights I sleep in curlers, because i like the tight curly syles with my long hair. Just in the past 6 months I have even gone out in public with my hair in curlers and when we drive down to our Mountain home for the weekend I have her set it before we leave and then she does a style on it when we get there. Many times with my styled hair I have been mistaken for a women and my wife gets kick out of it and wants me to let her do my eyebrows and try some makeup. She has even bought me a couple of womens pants outfits that i occasionally wear when we are out. It seems to be a great thrill for the both of us and I decided i want her to go ahead and give me the total makeover when we leave for a short vacation in a few weeks and am considering going dressed as a female for the whole trip. My 2 sons and daughter think my hair is fine and I regularly wear it up or in curlers arround them and my 18 year old son has had his mother curl and style his med length hair a few times and his girlfriend likes it and wants him to try it more often.