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An extremely ticklish poll

My friends tickling me....

Posted by andrew92 on 2011-03-23 01:39:39

Some of my friends know that I'm very ticklish but yet they never take advantage of that. I want them to tickle me!! Is there anyway I can get them to tickle me without being weird? Someone please respond!

Posted by SweetLover16 on 2012-08-03 05:21:37

I once tied my enemy from school up and tickled her feet/thighs/sides for 2 hours I think and when I was done I was terrified of her getting me back. The next day at school I heard her asking her friends if they knew if I was ticklish and I freaked out so I kept watching out for her. The next day when I forgot and let my guard down she snuck behind me and lightly tickled my ribs and stomach and I screamed and jumped then I turned to see who it was and she attacked my stomach/ribs/sides and I fell hysterical and collapsed in her arms begging her to stop she did after a few minutes and hissed "Now we're even." in my ear and let me fall to the ground. Now every time I see her I scream "no" and try to protect my ribs/stomach I'm really scared now :(