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@Girls: Hygiene at the swimming pool

Guys have been peeing in locker rooms for years and it's no secret

Posted by beachmom on 2009-12-14 04:15:40

I knew my brothers did it growing up, my boyfriends, my husband and I understood my father, so it didn't come as a surprise when my oldest son told of doing so. I didn't think anything of it or tell him not to. My 2 older boys got into swimming at school and soon my youngest wanted to learn to swim. They had lessons in the evenings for pre-school age kids, so we signed him up. As it's a middle school there arn't family dressing area's just a boys and girls locker room. As the pre-school boys need help to change, most moms where in there with their sons. Some, like me for the first time with boys in their locker room. It wasn't long before I noticed a boy standing over a drain peeing! His mom apparently not noticing as she was talking to another mom. To my surprise as he finished she turned to him and said, "all done? lets get your suit on." Also to my surprise no other mom seemed to notice or comment. Shortly after, a boy said to his mom (also new here) "I've gotta pee." She looked around for the restrooms and another mom said to her, "he can just go over a drain, that's what the older boys do anyway." She looked shocked, but another mom, then a second agreed with her and confirmed that it's ok, they'll do it when they're older anyway. As shocking as this seemed to be to her, I was amazed that she then said to her son, "ok, in the locker room boys just go pee pee on the floor, ok". The little boy was reluctant to do so, another mother said to him, "it's ok, that's where boys go" and then the mom took her son a few steps away from us and helped him do it on the floor. Several conversations began between moms and within a minute several other mom's told their sons to just go.

I knew myself that this was common among older boys, however I didn't imagine that so many other moms were aware of it and I never imagined that moms would actually encourage their sons to do it. Naturally, my son did so too, as his brothers already corruped him, but since every other little boy did so as well, it didn't really bother me. Eventually, a couple weeks into the lessons their female instructor walked through and stopped to talk with moms. It was funny, a couple of boys were about to pee when their moms stopped them from doing so and motioned for them to go to the restroom, the moms were obviously concerned about the instructor being there. Another mom then quietly motioned to them to wait, then said to their moms, "don't worry, they can go here, she's fine with it". Their instructor looked up and realized what was going on, smiled and said, "oh, don't mind me boys", then turned to their moms and said, "we've never been able to stop the older boys from peeing here, it's so common among them, you'd have to throw them all out of school and since it really isn't hurting anything we don't try to stop them anymore." She continued to say, "so, unless you're uncomfortable with it, you'll find it's easier to just let them go, rather than run to the rest rooms." Most of the mom's nodded in agreement and the boys once again did their thing. Several moms, commended the instructor for not fighting the "inevitable" and were pleased to hear it was officially ok. After several weeks had passed and the moms had become accustomed to it, I believe they would have been displeased had they been required to take the boys to the rest room at this point. I heard so many new moms remark how nice it is that the boys can just go as opposed to their girls, where for what ever reason it's still taboo for moms to let their girls go, why do you suppose that is? Anyway, good to see girls don't listen to moms advice for long.

Posted by Louise P on 2010-01-12 10:26:04

I too experienced that many moms, and swimming instructor too agree that little kids can pee on the changing room floor. My sister always let her children do it and let mine do the same when togheter, so as they started to do it with me, I too let them do it, as the other mother didn't care.

Posted by what to do on 2011-09-13 19:56:57

I'm really surprised that 59% of girls needing to pee while dressing would just do it in the locker room! Guys do this all the time, but I'd never heard of girls or women doing so. I always assumed that if my mom were ever to find out I did this, I'd be in trouble, hence I was always a little cautious about doing so.

It wasn't until after I'd gone of to University and returned for the summer that I was ever caught at it. Mom was in charge of our neighborhood pool that year and I'd spend time there as well. One evening after everyone had left mom and I were cleaning up a bit and locking up the place. As we finished up I walked through the mens dressing area and while I could have waited a couple minutes until we walked home, when I walked into the empty room I didn't give a second thought, I just whipped it out and began letting loose on the floor as I've often done around friends. I guess I forgot that mom was closing up the place and didn't consider that since no one else was there that mom might walk into the mens room, but to my great surprise she did just that! I thought to myself, "I'm dead" and was expecting to hear mom explode about it. I mean hearing of your son doing so and walking in on it is entirely different, not to mention at a pool she was caring for! But to my great surprise mom didn't seem to be at all surprised by what I was doing. Even so, I appologized for doing so, saying "I don't know what I was thinking." Mom then applogized herself for walking in on me, explaining, "you know, I hesitated a moment, but then thought to myself, he's got no clothes to change into, so..." "I don't know why it didn't ocour to me that you'd be using the bathroom." To my surprise mom was only speaking of walking in on me, not about where I was peeing!

On a later night as we were walking out, mom walked on toward the ladies room and commented to me, "I'll give you some privacy to use the bathroom today." I walked over to her and explained, "I shouldn't have done that mom, I can certainly wait until we get home." Acting confused mom asked, "shouldn't have done what? Use the bathroom?" Mom kept repeating the phrase "using the bathroom", but obviously that wasn't where I was doing it and I sheepishly mentioned that to her. Mom questioned me, "that's what you're embarrased about?" I again gave her a sheepish grin. "Well it's not as if there's any other place to go here," mom commented, "and even if there were, it's got to be easier for men to use the floor than a toilet anyway!" "It's not so easy for women to use the bathroom here," mom confided, eluding to the fact she has done so, "but you've gotta do what you've gotta do!" Now at ease, I assured her that I wasn't embarrased that she had walked in on me, just that I was peeing on the floor when she did. "Well that being the case, I'll walk through the mens room with you as the womens is already closed up, if you don't mind," mom said. I agreed that I was fine with that. Mom walked in first and picked up few things lying about and took a seat on the bench at the end of the room. Mom asked, "don't you need to go!" As she said so I noticed some water dripping onto the floor under the bench were mom was sitting! Mom was peeing through her swimsuit onto the floor in front of the bench! I stood there motionless in disbelief! Mom commented, "I guess gals have the luxury of privacy, it's not obvious that we did it in our swimsuits, they dry so quickly, but that's not the case with guys trunks." "It's fortunate that you're not embarresed about undressing, I imagine it's gotta be tough for a shy guy to find a chance to go," mom remarked. I stood there speachless as mom stated, "I'll be done in a moment if you're really not comfortable using the bathroom in front of me." Mom put me on the spot, she wasn't doing a "quick pee" rather a little trickle, a bit of conversation and a little more. She was showing no sign of finishing up or rushing out either. It really didn't bother me to undress infront of mom, but this made me uneasy, especially since mom was sitting in the back of the room and the drain was between us, leaving no practical way for me to turn my back to her. But, in a moment of courage I whipped it out and being in desperate need of a pee, I began a strong pee toward the drain! Mom commented, "wow, you really had to go! I can't believe you were going to wait until we got home!" "You're a bit overly considerate, I don't imagine I'd bother to aim for the drain if I were a boy." mom commented. Being nearly finished, I looked up at mom, smiled and then made a point of spraying the last bit randomly accross the floor! Mom broke out laughing, stood up and said "I guess it's a good thing I'm not a boy, I'd make a lot more of a mess than you do!"

The remainder of the summer I was uninhibited in the mens room in the evening, not often with mom around, but she was never critical of anywhere I had done it there! I never would have imagined that my mom is not only ok with me peeing in the locker room, but does so herself and finds nothing wrong with it. I guess girls aren't as reserved as we think!

Posted by Louise P on 2011-09-20 17:15:20

what to do

very nice post It is normal for your mother to know that his son pee in the changing room, all the boys and men do it, and mostly they don't car to aim for the drain, just go on the floor or against the wall sometimes (i've seen my son, my husband and my brother doing it ) I don't get why your mother peed through her swimsiut, probably she was a bit shy to pull her crotch aside in front of you. Anyway I've seen that some woman seem to be used to pee through swimsuit, even before before, while other like me prefer to pull crotch aside or just seat naked on the bench edge and pee over the floor. Mostly the woman pee like this if they don't are alone in the changing room, squatting or hovering/sanding and peeing openly in presence of others (not just friend) probably seems too bold and only younger girls pee like that. It is funny that sometime there are 3 or more woman sitting on the bench, on the edge, and peeing discretely on the floor while speaking like nothing happens, some through swimsuit, some pulling it down or aside, but all trying to pretend the other didn't know that they are peeing ...