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Groped by Father in Law/Boyfriends dad

Sex with father-in-law

Posted by sexytush on 2006-09-03 21:24:11

Every time we visit my in-laws my husband is made to run errands for his mother away from the house and i am dragged into the bedroom with his dad who proceeds to strip my clothes off until i am left standing in only stockings and garter belt, which mu husbands insists i always wear.

Then daddy (that's what i have to call him) puts me over his knee and spanks me hard until my butt is bright red. Then he slips his finger into my fanny and slowly slides it in and out until I am dripping wet. I then have to stand up, legs apart, with my hands on top of my head and my private parts directly in front of his face so he can lick my tush from his sitting position on the edge of the bed. While he's doing that his brings his hand round to my butt and sharply inserts his thumb into my butt hole. I then have to slide slowly up and down on his thumb which really hurts. Then my mother-in-law is called into the room to video the abuse. I have to lie on their bed with my legs wide apart while daddy spanks my tush with his belt. I always scream and cry. My breasts are also touched and my nipples are sucked. Sometimes my husband returns early and has almost caught his father on top of me, pounding into me but his mother quickly leaves the room and makes excuses. I am now pregnant and I know the baby is not my husbands, but his dads. What should I do?

Posted by dantheman2 on 2006-09-18 08:13:04

thats bad but what he did to you was rape and dont blame yourself just keep it to your self raise the kid has you would if it was your husbands god will help you but tyou need help rape is just a step or to away from murder and if your pregnet with the dads kid that may give a vilont man a reasen i hope you can rais it better thin he is a friend....

Posted by JaneyJ on 2006-10-04 12:43:24

I am forced to have sex with my father-in-law. My husband is in a great deal of debt and his dad has said that he will forget about all the money my husband owes him if he is allowed to have sex with me when he wants. My husband has agreed to this so once a week we have to go to my in-laws and I have to strip off all my clothes except for open crotch pantyhose which his dad loves. Then he does all nasty things to me including sticking things into my vaggie, even when I have my period. I am not allowed to leave dads bedroom until have orgasmed 3 times. All his family still live at home, 3 brothers and 2 sisters and they all watch as my father-in-law fingers my butt and other holes and screws me senseless. Then I have to lie on the bed with my legs wide apart while my bush gets shaved completely off. When I first had it done I screamed and cried so daddy shaved my head bald as punishment. I had loved my butt length locks and hated him so much. My hair is now nearly waist length which I love but daddy keeps threatening me that he will crop it short again to keep me in line. I'm not allowed to wear any other clothes at my in-laws house, even when I go to the bathroom the door must be left wide open so anyone can stand and watch me sh*t into the john. I have to pee in a bedpan like the ones you get in hospital. My father-in-law is a gynaecologist and so he has a whole manner of sexual implements to use on me, even latex gloves. I have to suck him off at least once each visit and now my husbands grandfather has got in on the act with a spanking for me over his knee and his fingers inserted straight into my butt, up to his knuckle.

Posted by LaraB on 2006-11-13 11:52:16

I'm soon to be sexed by my father-in-law. he already fingers and fists me when we visit and now tells my husband he wants sex with me,

Posted by AndiPink on 2006-12-07 12:06:05

Before I was divorced we were staying at my father-in laws house. my now ex-husband was away on business. I was sleeping in just a t-shirt and thong panties. When I woke I saw my father-in law standing over me holding out a cup of coffee. The covers had come off and my bum was clearly visible. He then sat on the edge of the bed and put his hand on my bottom, I froze! He calmy asked me if I took it up the bum. I was speechless as he started caressing my rear end - right between my cheeks. Then he licked his finger and started rubbing my anus under the thin panty fabric of my thong. I asked him to stop but he was a very large man. I lay there face down as he climbed on top of me. Then he reached for my moisturizer next to my bed and lubed his erection. Next I felt his hardness prize open my $%!@. He pushed his full length up me and screwed me hard untill he shot his entire load inside my $%!@. He then forced me to suck him clean, before shooting another load into my mouth. He slapped me hard to stop me screaming and left. I lay there whimpering, covered in his sticky come.